This could be referring to many things, the most obvious
is the romantic relationship you’re in. But it could be a
relationship with anybody who is significant to you.

Should you keep giving your energy to this person (could
be your parent, child, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent,
boss, etc.) or to the situation you find yourself in (could be
leaving a job, a network group, a church, etc.)?

Or is it best to cut ties? If you’re an empathic person, who
takes on the emotions of everyone around you, who has a
big heart for relationship loyalty, takes over-responsibility
for others, always wanting to help, this can be a tall order.

Certainly, all relationships can be saved, right? Or can they?

I’m not here to encourage divorce or leaving, but I AM here
to advocate you stay loyal to yourself, show up for yourself,
drop the guilt story where you convince yourself you’re bad
or wrong and that “it must be your fault.”

I also don’t think you are a victim. I see you getting beyond
your current circumstances and living a fulfilling life where you’re
laughing, deeply connecting with other open-hearted souls who are
psychologically safe, living more in the present moment.

I do see that you’ve been victimized and traumatized by people.
This has left you feeling a bit bruised, hurt and distrustful.
You’ve probably got some self-protection going on, and who
would blame you.

The bottom line is that there is a part of yourself that doesn’t
trust YOU. You’ve forgotten who you are, what you stand for,
and you don’t feel safe.

The world doesn’t feel safe right now. You have your set of
beliefs about what’s happening, and regardless of where you
personally stand, sharing those beliefs (as an empath) won’t
feel safe, because they are going to upset someone.

The world has felt very much like a Big Bully lately, trying to
force its opinions on you, almost making you feel crazy if you
don’t believe everything you’re being told.

So an even larger context for asking the question, “Should I
stay or should I go” can pertain to keeping your current set
of beliefs or leaving your old identity behind. Which path better
serves your Highest Good?

Do we want to be right or happy? Sometimes we can’t have both.

Morgan and I will be hosting a workshop on Wed, 9/16/20
at noon central “Should I stay or should I go: Choose Love
over Fear.” Love is Strong. It’s not a Pushover with weak boundaries.

Choosing Love doesn’t mean you’re choosing to give in to
someone else’s agenda for your life. It means standing in your
Truth, Knowing Who You Are, Knowing What You Are, and Knowing
Who You are here to serve.

In this workshop, we want to help you get clarity about the next best
step to help you move forward and be truly happy and relieve the
relationship stress. Register Now.

You’ll learn about the 3 types of narcissism and parental alienation.
You’ll learn a technique to help you cope with all of your feelings.
Relieve some of the guilt you may be feeling.

It’s time to get clear. The call won’t be recorded and so you’ll need
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Angie & Morgan