Hello Dear Friends,

Do you doubt yourself at times?  Maybe you’re confused as to how to eat since there are so many people trying to tell you how and what to eat.  What is right for you?  Perhaps you’re at a crossroads in your career and/or in a relationship and don’t know what to do.  I think learning to trust ourselves is vitally important.  Sure, workshops and books are tremendously important to the extent that I apply what I learn.  But what if I
am resistant because of a self-saboteur residing within my pysche that tells me I’m not adequate and competent enough to make good decisions?

I also think that we have to learn to trust ourselves to have enough courage and inspiration to practice what we learn. Try this simple technique that will help strengthen your right brain, your creative side, your intuition.  I was told that if you do this technique daily, you will become phychic within weeks, even if you don’t have a “pyschic bone in your body.”  When I say pyschic, I mean you will develop your ability to trust your intuition and know things without understanding how you can know such things.  You’ll be better able to identify trends in others and in yourself that may or may not be serving you.

It also helps to balance the left and right sides of the brain. Using your dominant handwriting hand, write a question that you’d like clarity on.  Then switch the pen to your non-dominant hand.  Hold it there for a few seconds.  Then write out the answer, calling on your connection to Source, your Higher Self for guidance.  You don’t even have to do that last part, but I do.  You might be amazed at the wisdom that comes from the right side of the brain.   Again, you have to have the courage to look within and not be afraid of what you may find.  It’s okay.  Don’t worry.

Your Higher Self is trying to lead you to answers that are for your highest good and that will lead you to joy and peace and love and abundance–our true natures.

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Love & Blessings,

Angie Monko