Dear Friends,

It doesn’t pay to not follow your heart’s desire or be your authentic self.  I know so many people who are so afraid to speak their truth.  They feel that other people have something over them, some form of control.  Therefore, they feel trapped.  How do you feel about the person or situation that traps you?  If you are like me, you resent him/her/it. I see this happen with parents and kids regularly.  The parent thinks the kid should behave according to their belief systems.  The kid shouldn’t rock the boat or be too strong-minded.  If this happens, one parent may try to “keep the peace” in the family, again at his/her expense.

It just doesn’t pay to be silent.  If you have something to say to your parent, family member, boss, or anyone you deem holds authority over you (it may even be a friend who has always had the upper hand in the relationship), then say it tactfully. It is not going to be easy. What is the cost of doing this?  Well, people will get angry because you aren’t following their will. They will most likely feel threatened and fearful that you are changing.  Conflict will result.  So why would you want to do this? If you don’t speak your truth, you will be angry and resentful.

Over time, your health will suffer because negative emotions are toxic to your body. Your relationships will suffer even worse than if you confronted others.  They may not like your behavior and how you’re changing in the short term, but people will respect your courage to be yourself, even if they don’t tell you. They will admire how you bravely navigate the world, rather than shrinking from it.  Your relationships will strengthen in the long term if the other person really cares about you and is ready to have a mature relationship.  If not, then that person will most likely spend little or no time with you. Although it’s painful to speak your truth at times because it may result in letting go of certain relationships, think of it like this.

As you grow and learn and develop, as you mature emotionally, your Energy Essence grows stronger and more positive.  I just made up the words Energy Essence. Another way to state it is your Energetic Vibration, the energy you put off to the world. The more positive energy you give to the world, the less likely you are to have negative, critical people in your life, whether they be at your office, your home, at the gym, etc. You won’t experience as much road rage, negative people in the grocery line, frowns,
impatient people.  In fact, you will see more genuine smiles, more polite behavior from total strangers, more acts of kindness.  This is law! If you’re new to the metaphysical community, this may sound very strange.

I’m a student of energy, and this law never fails to perform in exactly this way.  How does this relate to your speaking your truth?  You take a risk to speak your truth, and one of those risks is alienating your friends and family.  If you allow yourself to change and this includes speaking your truth, certain people in your life will no longer want to be around you. This doesn’t mean they’ve rejected you.  It simply means that your energy is no longer compatible with theirs. I used to feel guilty for causing my first marriage to break apart
nearly 14 years ago.  At the time, I felt more confident than ever and that I was growing and maturing, exploring various religions.  It didn’t make sense to me that I would want to create conflict with a divorce.

Now I realize, energetically speaking, that I had no choice, that the law of attraction was in full swing.  My energy no longer matched my husband’s, and it was very uncomfortable remaining in the marriage.  If I had, I would have died emotionally, lost my spirit.

So Speak YOUR Truth!  Only you can do this, and you are worth it!

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Angie Monko, CH