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Guiding Intuitive Women Leaders to Reclaim Their Health, Happiness & Vitality During Their Second Act


Do you relate to the following?



Do you ever cringe at your reactive behavior but don’t know how to do better?
Do you avoid conflict to “keep the peace” at your expense?
Do you bury your feelings and turn to that extra glass of wine or food to help?
Is your body showing signs of aging and more aches and pains, regardless of how much self-care you do?
Do you ever wear yourself out by thinking, “I should have done more today?




What’s this about?

  • It’s so easy to try to be everything to everybody. You stretch yourself thin because you’re trying to fulfill so many demands from others on your time. Your children need you to help solve their money, health, and relationship problems. Your parents are aging or gone, and that puts a lot of pressure on you to be the new matriarch of the family and revamp your whole identity.You’re trying to make peace with the changes occurring in your body, and yet you KNOW deep inside that there is a better way to live, to reclaim your health. You don’t want to let the aging excuse justify the aches and pains you didn’t have in your 40s.


    I’m on this journey with you as I near my 55th birthday this fall. I lost my only biological child, Maddie, in 2018, and that felt like the world fell out from underneath me. I’ve been recreating myself since then.



    Life is hard. Let’s be clear about that. Yet we’ve been programmed to be the strong ones and hold our families together, not to show our vulnerable underbelly. And taking this over-responsibility is causing us to break down, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


**Once per month for 2 hours, I will teach six specific tools to help women in their second act stop sabotaging behaviors that keep them living on autopilot.** I’ll help them stop the cycle of reactivity. For example, I’ll teach EFT (emotional freedom technique) and then discuss someone’s behavior and how they can use EFT to change it.

They see their behavior as cringe-worthy and reactive, but they can’t do better if they don’t know better. **I will teach them how to manage their energy and thus their reactions.** They may be doing things like avoiding conflict which hurts relationships, burying feelings, staying in fight, flight or fawn behaviors, and turning to addictive substances to numb out. **They don’t need to be embarrassed because that is how humans are wired. I get to normalize this for them.** These behaviors and habits of thought keep them in a cycle of reactivity that harms their relationships and their health over time.

They are ready and willing to do something different because they’ve suffered enough (the thought is “Enough is enough. I’m ready to change so I can be happy.”).

Their interests are holistic health and wellness. The term holistic resonates with them. They are open to exploring within. **They value living a healthy lifestyle and feeling their best.** They value relationships and deep connections but are having problems with health, relationships, or both.


They may be people-pleasing and feel like they can’t be themselves.

**They wear a mask of inauthenticity when they resent/blame others because they’re afraid to stand on their own two feet for fear of upsetting another.** Under it all, they blame themselves and don’t trust themselves. They have resisted being vulnerable and letting others help them. Therefore, though they may be surrounded by many, they feel lonely and somewhat isolated.

They may suffer from a physical ailment, emotional distress/low self-esteem where they feel like a doormat or walled off, mental stress of overanalyzing everything and being perfectionistic, and/or spiritually disconnected from the Universe/God.

**They need the ability to stop self-sabotaging behaviors that keep them stuck in unhealthy connections and in addictive, reactive behaviors that hurt their health and overall well-being.**




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