Read how Harmony Harbor Coaching has made a difference in these women’s lives

Women come to us to create a brighter future after divorce and to create healthy boundaries that bless them, say no when they mean it, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and become Loving Self-Advocates. When that happens, they become empowered in their relationships

Giving myself permission to spend time working on myself has helped me to see my blind spots and allow me to shift from the inside out. I make myself more a priority than I ever did.

—Denise Sullivan, St. Louis, Missouri


I first met Angie when she was the guest speaker at a wellness group.  I was overwhelmed by her life story and how she persevered through her pain to become a successful Women’s Divorce and Loss coach.    

I was in a painful place I regularly visited in my mind, a place I was ready to leave behind.  Throughout my journey, I have healed on small scales but often ran into the same big roadblock, a place of discontentment, self-doubt, fear, anger, and bitterness.  These feelings continuously held me back from accomplishing the things I truly desired and creating the future I envisioned.    

Staying busy was my go-to distraction that kept me from focusing on the deep-seeded issues that were blocking me from success, love, peace, and freedom in my life.  When I first discussed my situation with Angie, I gave her all of the excuses why I couldn’t attend, the lack of time, and money, and because it just didn’t seem convenient.  

But I realized it was time for a change.  Six years post-divorce, I was stuck at that all-too-familiar crossroad. At this point, I was not only affecting my life in a negative manner but, my children, family, and friends were being hurt by my ineffective approach to dealing with life since my divorce.

The combination of energy work, homework/trainings, and coaching that got to the core of my trauma had the most profound impact for me.  Giving myself permission to spend time working on myself with powerful tools helped me to see my blind spots and allow me to shift from the inside out.

Since doing the 6-month Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions, I make myself more a priority than I ever did. By saying no to certain requests of my time and lessening expectations of myself to be everything to everybody, I have more time to do things I enjoy in my busy lifestyle, like spending much more quality time with my girls. This makes me feel good about my choices and so I have more peace.

I also have more time to focus on building my business because I am better able to pinpoint the things I actually need to get done. I highly recommend this program because it will help you find yourself and there is nothing more important than that.

I am much more confident and able to remain focused on what is best for myself and my children moving forward.

—Heather Leung. St. Louis, Missouri

I went to Angie and Harmony Harbor Coaching when I was having a difficult time thinking clearly, making decisions confidently, and advocating for myself. I was very confused even though I knew what was right in my heart. I second-guessed myself often. I was living in the same home with my husband for 14 of the 15 months it took to finalize the divorce.

I worried about not having enough money and time to invest in the Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions program, but I was able to go straight from work to Zoom meetings for the online coaching and meetings.

I had been in counseling but felt I had stopped progressing. I needed to cope and make decisions in the present, versus only focusing on the past. I needed more ongoing support, which was provided by the coaches and other women in the group. It helps to know you are not alone in these hard moments, even if each situation is not exactly the same.

I felt very scatter-brained and insecure before the program. After the program, I am much more confident and able to remain focused on what is best for myself and my children moving forward.

My concerns have been addressed through the program. I was able to make it through the divorce process strong, and most importantly able to maintain a civil relationship with my children’s father. That was of utmost importance for me, as I refuse for my kids to be another divorce statistic. For example, only a short few months after the divorce was final, we were able to spend a few days together for our children’s birthdays. Our children still do not hear or see us argue.

I looked forward to the coaching calls. I enjoyed being able to relate and converse with others going through or who have gone through similar situations. We were able to provide each other insight, regardless of what stage of the healing process we were in.

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) was also very helpful and got me through some very acute, tough times when anxiety levels were heightened. Angie was also available anytime for additional support.

This program was worth the time and money. With the early bird discount, the cost was equivalent to if I saw my counselor once a week. While I was only seeing the counselor once a month in the beginning of the divorce, there is no doubt that would have increased as the divorce process moved along. Having support during such a traumatic time of your life is extremely important and I am glad I fit this program into my budget because I will continue to benefit from it even as time goes on.

I learned how to get to the core of what is important to me, how to not put so much value on what other people think…and I found my way back home to myself..

—Tammy Crooks, St. Louis, MO

I chose to start working with Angie because my daughter had great success with her, and she referred me. When I started working with Angie, I was on a see-saw of constantly wanting to leave my marriage and then deciding it was best to stay in the marriage. This went on for a couple years and was leaving me emotionally drained provided no clear direction on where I was going with my life and was destructive to my relationship with my husband.

My husband repeatedly refused to go to couples therapy or talk to anyone outside of our marriage. When times were bad and we were not communicating and cutting each other down, I was so disconnected from loving him that I was intentionally trying to make him be the one to follow through on a divorce. I was worried that I would not make a decision to commit to staying in the marriage or move forward with divorce and needed help to get clarity on what would be best for me.

I loved all the learning that I received. I learned so much about myself and my true motivations. I learned how to use the emotional freedom technique and how energy works within your body. This allowed me to get out of my “keep myself distracted” state to start to really recognize my thoughts and feelings.

I learned how to get to the core of what is important to me and how to not put so much value on what other people think. I learned how I was projecting issues that I thought were someone else’s, were actually my own.

Throughout my coaching sessions, Angie never told me what she thought I should do or how I should feel but forced me to sit with myself and asked me questions to dig deep for the truth about what I truly valued, wanted and felt. Another benefit was Angie worked with me to find the best way for me to communicate when I was terrified to have these new, real conversations with my husband. I found that by writing letters was a great ice-breaker for our relationship to move forward.

I would say that the time and the cost are so well worth it. I made the decision to stay in my marriage and now look back and think “what was I thinking?”. The financial cost of a divorce and the emotional cost of breaking up our family would have been huge, and I was able to find my way back home to myself.

They help women like myself who feel like they’ve lost their power and aren’t sure why.

—Katie Chatfield, St. Louis, Missouri

I came to The Shift: Women’s Holistic Empowerment group coaching because I was people-pleasing, had low self-worth, my marriage was ending, and I was grieving the loss of my mother. With everything that I had going on, I didn’t know where to start. My emotions were out of control.

I chose The Shift because I’ve always enjoyed Angie’s workshops and really got a lot out of them. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. Learning to tap using emotional freedom technique (EFT) from Angie and Morgan has been life-changing for me. Realizing how much I’d been people-pleasing was shocking too.

There were many calls when I came in feeling at the end of my rope. The loving support from Angie and Morgan and the extremely effective exercises during the calls always eased my mind and helped me to move the stuck energy through my body. I never believed that EFT was for me, but I quickly realized after a couple of calls that it was something that took a little practice, and once I was doing it more often, the effects were amazing. Emotions I hadn’t felt in a while showed up. I felt revived after practicing EFT and doing calls with Morgan and Angie.

I appreciated the different perspective Angie and Morgan offered me. They help women like myself who feel like they’ve lost their power and aren’t sure why. They helped me to be authentically me. When I saw my value and worth, everything, my whole outlook, changed. I became more confident and creative and stopped second guessing myself.

Angie and Morgan held the space for me to look into the mirror and work through the grief of tragically losing my mom, ending my marriage and still feeling worthy. During the time I worked with The Shift, I had several breakthroughs, realizing the connection between things that happened in my childhood and how I’m showing up today. I highly recommend Angie, Morgan and The Shift program!

My husband and I are communicating honestly and authentically.

—Cathy Kohn, St. Louis, MO

“As a consequence of a crisis in my marriage several years ago, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. The journey started with 1 1/2 years of therapy, even though I’d consulted with mental health professionals numerous times before. Therapy led to an in-depth relationship course lasting 4 months with other couples. My therapist also suggested that I join an Al-Anon group to learn how to set boundaries for those around me and to end my cycle of co-dependence with my husband and children.

Each of these approaches contributed to my recovery, but it was not until I began working with Angie that my recovery went into hyper-drive. Not only does Angie create a space of love and support to facilitate personal accountability, but she utilizes several alternative healing methods to assist you in acknowledging and letting go of old feelings and replacing them with new, positive ones.

Once I recognized my part in my emotional difficulties, I was able to use her combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), “healing codes” and hypnosis to cultivate the mind-body connection which has helped me love myself and commence healing. Through personal coaching sessions with Angie and attendance at her retreats, monthly “Masterminds” and other group calls, I have recovered from the pain I felt when I started this process of self-discovery. My husband recognized the difference in me and asked Angie to coach him. Our relationship is better than it’s been in a decade because we’re each communicating on an authentic, honest level. We’re seeing each other with new eyes, thanks to Angie’s coaching.”

I am now great at building relationships, defining priorities for my life, and I succeed much more by being my true self.

—Olga Gorodetsky, St. Louis, MO

“Dear friend, I am overwhelmed by gratitude when thinking about how Angie changed my life for the best. Extremely powerful and successful as far as the outer world is concerned, I was overstressed, sad and felt very broken inside.

I reached the point where I knew something had to change, but had no idea what and how. Luckily for me, I met Angie back in October 2011 by chance when she was publicly speaking, and I asked her to ‘quickly teach me stress reduction techniques’.

A one hour meeting turned into a long-term coaching relationship, in which I privately coached with Angie, attended group events – whole soul intensive, a retreat, and mastermind groups.
3.5 years later I never felt more aligned with my true self or more empowered to take on and embrace any challenge that comes my way. The decision to commit to on-going work with Angie was not an easy one due to money and the time it required, but it was by far one of the most important decisions in my life.

Ever since the day I stepped into Angie’s office for a quick fix, I never felt more supported, challenged, understood, called to truth – and, above all, loved, cared for and cherished.

That one fateful afternoon, my journey of self-knowledge, emotional healing, unconditional love and acceptance had begun, a journey that I would not have dreamt of or had been able to take on without Angie’s support.

Working with Angie has given me several gifts: clarity in what I want from life, trust in my abilities, compassion for others, and, most importantly, love and connection with myself. Angie taught me how to control less and allow more, how to feel more and think less… I’ve learned my values and motivating factors, my most wonderful traits to use in the world, and pitfalls to avoid.

I am now great at building relationships, defining priorities for my life, and I succeed much more by being my true self. I live my life to the fullest, with passion and creativity.

Don’t get me wrong. My life is not perfect in any way, but when life throws me a curve ball, I have the tools and the strength to deal with it. I say ‘bring it on’ and enjoy the ride.

Thank you, Angie, for bringing me back.

Any person who wants to discover his/her true self and heal their life – please do not waste another day to start your own journey. Like GPS, Angie’s coaching will help you to make this road the most quick and efficient possible. Angie will not only aid you with all the amazing knowledge and techniques she possesses but she will also hold you accountable for doing your part the best you can.

So go on, hit that road – and enjoy discovering your true, amazing, powerful self.

P.S. I welcome you to contact me privately for references about my experience.”

By giving up people-pleasing, I’m living up to my power and potential

—Karen B., Business Owner, St. Louis, MO

“The work Angie has guided me through has changed my internal life greatly for the better.

I used to try to be everything to everybody and rescue my family from their own conflict. In business, I had a hard time speaking up and expressing what I truly thought and would then feel resentful. Now I feel safe to speak my truth and just be myself, and my relationships are more fulfilling and loving than ever before.

Besides my parents and ex-husband (such an amazing teacher; forever grateful!), my relationship with Angie has had the most impact on who I am and can allow myself to be. I am truly grateful for every day that I have been privileged to be in relationship with Angie. Tapping and meditating has allowed me to overcome dark secret fears that I cannot show to the rest of the world. The environment of love and acceptance that Angie helped me create within myself helps me to face and overcome my fears, and to know that I can do anything if I just decide to do it.

There are no real limitations and I can create my own reality in the way I choose to view events and feelings. While lots of books can talk about and state these ideas, the work Angie does gave me tools and accountability to tap into the power within and not to fear the power of creation that lays too often dormant in each of us.

Most people believe it is our biggest fear to fail. I believe that is one way to look at it, but that the deeper truth is that we are afraid of our power and once we realize the power we have within it is now our great responsibility to live up to it.

By giving up people-pleasing, Angie helped me in my struggle to live up to my power and potential. I love her forever for that.”

I went from complete overwhelm to freedom by taking one step at a time

—Annalisa Renovitch, St. Louis, MO

I felt completely overwhelmed by feelings of loss, failure, rejection, fear, anxiety, abandonment and apathy. Divorced, bankrupt, no job, living with a friend, and rarely seeing my kids, I was abusing substances, cutting myself and suicidal. I had no idea how I could possibly afford the retreat or coaching without taking a serious financial risk. I chose to take a risk. I have benefited enormously from the 121 coaching. The action plans and accountability have been pivotal and motivating. It has changed my life.

Once I realized I could access Angie as needed, I always got immediate resolution to questions and concerns. Her passion to break down erroneous belief systems and replace them with truth and love is completely genuine. She is fiercely committed to her client’s growth and transformation. My mindset, attitude outlook, beliefs and feelings have all radically changed, even while my situation has essentially remained the same. I still have the same past and still face the same circumstances. But my ability to manage my emotions and beliefs in the face of all of this has changed so much in such a short time that my friends and family see the difference without me saying anything about it and are amazed.

It’s shocking to me how much we resist change, no matter how badly we need it…especially when we need it.

This resistance can take many forms. For me a huge barrier was removed as Angie explained no one goes from A to Z. Instead we go from A to B to C to D, etc. I was always overwhelmed by the prospect of changing because I knew I had such a long way to go…so much to overcome.

But the distance is shorter than I could have imagined, as Angie is divinely gifted with the ability to help others determine the right next step for them. Taking action on just one step, even if there is remaining doubt, fear, disbelief, resistance to change, is the beginning of total transformation. And Angie is there to guide, encourage and motivate you along the way. It’s truly one step at a time. It sounds simple but oh how powerful and freeing it is!”

Once I understood how my anger served me, I was able to forgive.

—Susie M., St. Louis, MO

“Angie helped me with forgiveness using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I thought I had forgiven a man who had attacked me, but I realized I had only forgiven the boy who had been mistreated by his family. I had not forgiven the adult man, the stranger who chose to hurt me without any reason. Once I recognized this, I was able to let go of this distinction and forgive him.

On another issue, I felt stuck and unable to let go of the resentment towards someone and forgive him. Angie helped me move through a process whereby I got in touch with a sub-personality or part of me (a 13 year old angry boy) who carried my anger and hostility towards people who cross my boundaries. I had denied my anger so often in these situations that this aspect of me had stayed hidden from myself. I had a dialogue with that part of me and embraced the wisdom he offered.

Anger is healthy when we recognize it early and take appropriate action to speak up, stand our ground, or generally take care of ourselves when we are out of balance. Once I understood how my anger was trying to serve me, I easily forgave the person I was resenting. I gave myself permission to be more emotionally honest and in that way create stronger boundaries which are in my best interest.”

I’m in a safe place with Angie. I trust her to open up to so I can be the best Ruth!

—Ruth King, Kingston, TN

“I started working with Angie to help grow my business. I was concerned about investing money in myself and whether it would work for me. I chose Harmony Harbor based on the recommendation of another consultant who had successfully worked with Angie. I enjoy so many aspects of working with Angie, but if I had to choose, I’d say I love her hypnosis because it’s so comforting.

Angie always makes me feel like I’m in a safe place where I can share and open up. The question is will I put in as much work to heal and move forward as Angie does for me. As I said, I started with Angie for my business. When I understood how much more Angie had to offer, I wanted to do everything because I want to be the best Ruth God created me to be!

I’m feeling much better about myself, and as a result, my business is growing, I’m eating healthier and releasing weight, and having harmonious relationships because I’m honestly communicating with others.

Investing in ourselves is the hardest thing to do because we need to believe we are worth it! We must be able to trust the one we’re working with. We need to be ready to change if we’re not where we want to be in life. One would think it would be easy to make this decision. Just do it!! Right? Well, unfortunately, humans are not that logical. I sincerely hope whoever is reading this that you will take the calculated risk and reach out to Angie. You CAN trust her. I highly recommend Angie.”

By making myself important for the first time ever, I am actually better for others because they’re getting to know the real me.

—Mary Stephens, St. Louis, MO

“I started working with Angie Monko soon after a health crisis in which I ended up losing my right eye. After the diagnosis, I felt so overwhelmed. I’d been used to taking care of everyone else my whole life, putting THEIR needs first. Angie taught me a mindset that allowed me to put myself first without feeling guilty or selfish. She also taught me Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which really spoke to me and helped me down a path to better awareness and understanding of myself. It’s been a wonderful tool to relieve overwhelming feelings, a real gift to myself.

Angie’s insightful questions helped me to give voice to what I was feeling and to honor these painful feelings, acknowledge them, and then the feelings have a way of letting go of me. I can’t let go of them, contrary to what most people think or advise when they say, ‘Oh just let it go!’

I use EFT all of the time to manage my overwhelm, anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, you name it, and I can’t say enough about the benefits for me. Angie’s kindness and sincere caring are evident from the moment you meet her. Her follow-up email/action plan after each session has been incredibly helpful. After only 4 sessions, I can really tell a difference in how I’m dealing with everything, especially in my own heart and mind. I am more confident and courageous about speaking up for and getting my needs met.

Ironically, by making myself important for the first time ever, I am actually better for others because they’re getting to know the real me. I am so grateful that my daughter introduced me to Angie. Thank you!”

I have a whole new relationship with myself—I’m doing what I want and marrying the love of my life.

—Lauren Crooks, St. Louis, MO

“By working with Angie Monko over the last six, short months, I have gained a sense of strength and self-worth that I had no idea existed inside of me. I was stuck in a downward, self-destructive cycle that I’d come to believe was just my life and I’d better learn to deal with it.

Through holistic approaches, Angie helped me conquer one issue at a time. Once I broke through and realized there was hope for me to be happy, it felt as if a million different switches had flipped on inside of me.

I just knew in my heart and felt in my soul that I was heading down a much better path that would change my life, a path of self-worth, hope, and courage to move past the worst moments of my life and not let them control me.

Angie helped me to take small steps to help me break down my walls so that I could truly realize where all of the pain and hurt was coming from. I realized that I had associated a lot of my depression and anxiety with specific incidents that had happened in my life, but there was more within me that was provoking those feelings.

She brought to light different scenarios and patterns in my life that fed those feelings. We started working to first acknowledge and understand those feelings, and then we attacked the true root of the problem and worked through all the pain. Angie helped me blossom into the person I know I was truly meant to be. I feel so much more capable and deserving.

I can now talk about and acknowledge the different incidents that happened in my life in such a different manner that allows me to keep my peace. She taught me that it is okay to feel my feelings, but then I must step back and let go and move forward. I feel as if I have a new relationship with myself and that I won’t let myself be hurt or controlled by my
surroundings or other people anymore.

I am so grateful that Angie helped me to get to know who I really am and gain a different, freeing perspective of life. I am a work in progress. I can only imagine what my future holds! I realize that future obstacles don’t have to control me.

It is such a surreal feeling to not feel weighed down by a hundred different anchors tied to my ankles. I honestly believe my new energy and way of thinking have helped rid me of toxic surroundings and brought relationships into my life that match my energy and are helping me grow into the person I desire to be.

Angie, thank you so much for flipping my world around, and giving me such a different perspective on what life is. I can’t wait to see how my future unfolds as I continue to grow and learn.

Update: I am now pursuing a real estate career that allows me to bring my strengths and passion to the table and make the kind of money I’m deserving of.AND I’m getting married to the love of my life this July. XOXO”

I learned how to say NO and mean it.

—Alana Treppler, St. Louis, MO

I learned how to feel my feelings and the changes I needed to make within myself in order to “get my life back”; and that’s just what happened. I learned how to set boundaries and express my needs. I learned how to say “no” and mean it so that I didn’t feel like I was leaving myself behind when I tended to others’ needs.

Setting boundaries started at home for me. I am a wife and mother of a daughter with special needs, but before the retreat, I felt more like a maid and a servant. I used to do everything I could to avoid conflict or hurt anyone’s feelings. I was the “super mom” and I could do everything that every “good wife” should be doing. But in Truth, I was completely overwhelmed. I would stop what I was doing to do simple tasks for my daughter that she was perfectly capable of doing for herself. Instead of ‘inconveniencing’ my husband by asking for his help with a household task, I would just do it resentfully myself, and in my mind blame him for making it my responsibility. I worked so hard to protect everyone else’s feelings that I ignored my own.

Angie has helped me to shift my mindset and get my life back. Telling my daughter “no, you can do that yourself” has empowered her to learn that she can do it. Asking my husband for help has strengthened our relationship in that we are doing things together as a team, and I don’t have to struggle to get it all done on my own. I learned about who I am, to be strong and confident, and to stop hiding behind worry and fear of what everyone else thinks, both in my family AND in my business.

Of all of the things I have experienced as a result of Angie’s coaching, the best part is the ripple effect of change that is happening in my family and the people in my life. The transformation in me is creating a transformation in them.

The process is still in motion, and I look forward to where Angie’s coaching is going to lead me next. I highly recommend Angie!”

I was the nurturer but no one taught me to take care of ME.

—Becky Bodentstab, Pontoon Beach, IL

“Some people are blessed to grow up in a warm affectionate family! I was one of those! We were taught the importance of doing for others. And I did! When I was 8 years old my mother gave birth to my little brother, and she had major problems. As the oldest daughter, I started to help taking care of that little guy! By the time I was 10 years old, all of my neighbors were hiring me to babysit for their children. I went on to become an elementary school teacher and then run a licensed daycare and later a food program for the USDA. I was the nurturer but no one taught me the importance of making sure that I was taking care of ME!

Working with Angie, I learned to “Set Boundaries.” Unless we understand our own importance and decide what we need and want in relationships, we will never find the deep joy we are looking for. Let Angie give you the perspective you need to build the life you want.”

We’re more loving, kind and respectful of each other.

—Bill Clark & Dana Rich

“We are so grateful to Angie for her support, encouragement, and teachings. I started working with Angie soon after my divorce. I was struggling desperately with so much fear, shame and guilt. I was nervous to begin working with her as I have strong beliefs in our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, and I wasn’t sure how she would react to those.

I was grateful to realize that Angie too believed in God and that she wasn’t there to change those beliefs, but to support me in seeing the greatness that God had created in me that I had lost focus on. The thing that also struck me was when I realized that Angie could relate to my pain. Many of the things I was going through she had already experienced and could truly understand how I was feeling.

As we worked together Angie taught me the right tools to use to help me overcome the negative thoughts and beliefs I had about my life and myself. I began to have hope once again and started to shed the feelings that kept me feeling worthless.

As I began to heal and open my heart up, a man came into my life, Bill Dent Clark. We met at a single’s site online. I was attracted to how kind, funny and genuine he was. There were a couple things I did notice about Bill that concerned me. I asked Bill if he’d be willing to talk to my life coach and I was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to do so. Bill had baggage from his previous marriage, as did I. I knew that we both needed help in healing if we were to move forward in our relationship. We both worked separately with Angie so our relationship could progress together safely.

I remember in one of my sessions I began talking to Angie about my fears that were overpowering me about Bill. I was afraid of committing to marriage and failing again. Angie was loving and firm as she talked to me. She helped me overcome my fears and listen to the spirit that was telling me that Bill was meant to be in my life. In the meantime she was addressing Bill’s concerns and helping him to have the confidence he needed to propose to me.
Angie could see how much we loved each other and helped us both to overcome our reservations. Bill ended up proposing to me at one of Angie’s retreats. We were married about 6 weeks later.

We have had struggles since being married but with Angie’s couples coaching, we have overcome so many of the petty disagreements and prideful interactions we had at first. We’re more loving, kind and respectful of each other and less likely to take things personally. When we do get upset it doesn’t last for very long as we both work together to have a peaceful home and partnership. Angie has also started to help some of our children (we have 10), which has added even more love and happiness to our lives!

We feel so much gratitude towards Angie for helping us to have the courage to take the right path that led us to each other. And despite obstacles we still are working to overcome, we’ve never been happier! Angie has such a gift for working with people of all ages. Thank you deeply from our hearts!”

I began setting boundaries around behaviors I was no longer willing to tolerate.

—Crystal Schulte, St. Louis, MO

“I had the pleasure of talking to Angie regarding a difficult work situation I’m in. Angie did a great job of telling me the truth I needed to hear in a loving manner, so that I could begin setting boundaries around behaviors I was no longer willing to tolerate. She is clearly passionate about helping others and is willing to take you out of your comfort zone for your own personal growth. I highly recommend Angie!”

I’ve made so much more progress with resolving serious crises in my life than from years of therapy.

—Cathy Kohn, St. Louis, MO

I had been taking responsibility for everyone, and by learning to set boundaries, I got my power and life back!

—Karen, St. Louis, MO

I have spent my life as a people pleaser and am getting curious about how I can make myself a priority and make positive change.

—Molly McCauley, Union, MO

“I was in an abusive relationship that I had decided to end. I was at my lowest point and felt beaten down. I was referred to this group by a friend, and because I’d just begun to have a spark of a new life, I spoke with Angie and decided she would be of great help to me.

My only real concern was money. But I was able to budget and make it a priority for my life.

I chose The Shift over seeing a therapist because I was not getting what I needed from the therapist. I needed to discover how to move forward while dealing with my past issues. I now have tools that I continue to build upon while I continue to work with The Shift and other women who understand what I’m going through and who are in stages of grief that I have been through. We truly help each other.

Doing the energy routine, joining Loving Self-Advocate calls and private sessions help me reinforce my strength and the promise t”o myself to grow my love and acceptance of self.

I have spent my life as a people pleaser and am getting curious about how I can make myself a priority and make positive changes. I continue to receive more knowledge and tools (tapping, chakras, energy routine). I just trust the process.

I discovered that I felt abandoned by the males in my life. It was an unsettling pattern that helped me to realize that I have not been a priority to anyone, myself included.”