What is your ideal weight based on your height?  I found this convenient site that calculates your ideal weight and also Body Mass Index (BMI)  www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm.

You simply type in your weight, height, age and gender. It immediately returns various metrics, such as People’s Choice Ideal Weight and Medical Recommendation Weight. People’s Choice Ideal Weight shows the average weight that other people of your Age, Height, Weight and Gender would describe as their ideal weight.

Medical Recommendation is the weight recommended based on a Body Mass Index (BMI) range of 19-25. What are the pros of figuring your ideal weight in the above manner? 1)  It gives you a direction in which to head. 2)      Perhaps it gives you comfort in how you compare to others. 3)      It’s reasonably accurate and very simple. What other factors should you consider? 1)      This measurement is not specific to you personally, and the results can be misleading. 2)  It does not take into consideration your bone structure (small, medium or large). 3) It does not consider that muscle weighs more than fat. Have you ever wondered what the average woman and man weigh?  See below for the statistics.

This information was posted on 9/11/08 by FatFighter.  The data is for adults ages 20 and over in the U.S. from 1999-2002. The average female is 5’4” tall or 163 centimeters, and she weighs 163 pounds.  I expected the average height was around 5’4”, but the average weight of 163 really surprised me!  It’s a little on the higher side than what I expected.  What do you think of these statistics? Average height, weight, and waist circumference Women: Height: 63.8 (or about 5′4″) or 163 cm Weight: 163 lbs or 74 kilos Waist circumference: 36.5 inches or 93 cm Men: Height: 69.3 (or about 5′9″) or 186 cm Weight: 190 lbs or 86 kilos Waist circumference: 39.0 inches or 99 cm Even though I like this quick little calculation of your “ideal” weight, I believe so much more goes into figuring this “magic” number.  For many people, especially women, the number on the scale determines their self-esteem, their mood.  This topic will be continued next week.

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