Instead of judging others socritically, I now step back and employ empathy toward others.

Tammy Crook, St. Louis, MO

Tammy Crook

“I did Mental Fitness for Intuitive Women Leaders group to improve my work and family
relationships. I wanted to re-connect on self-improvement and was referred by a friend.  Before
the program I felt like I was doing okay.  After the program I realized how much I didn’t know
about self-sabotage and truly recognizing behaviors that kept me in a loop of personal conflict. I
have not fully achieved my goal as it is a continuous work in progress, but it is leading me on a
much better path.

Instead of judging others so critically, I now step back and employ empathy towards others, get
curious about their frame of reference so that I don’t automatically react negatively. I really
loved reading/listening to the book, the PQ Gym exercises, and the daily focus exercises.
Having example stories to relate to and using visualization was impactful for me. I have chosen
to continue with the PQ App after the group coaching session ended.
I recommend reading Shirzad’s book and if you want to learn a process to turn a negative
situation into a positive one, that you take this program.”

I highly recommend the Positive Intelligence program.

Cathy Kohn, St. Louis, MO

Cathy Kohn - Women's Empowerment Program

 “Angie creates a space of love and support to facilitate personal accountability. She utilizes several alternative healing methods to assist me in acknowledging and letting go of old feelings and replacing them with new, positive ones, like I AM enough. I have especially enjoyed the Positive Intelligence program, which is so easy to implement. It’s helped me to cultivate the mind-body connection which has helped me love myself and commence healing. I have recovered from the pain I felt when I started this process of self-discovery. My relationships with my family are better, and I don’t feel so alone anymore.