I highly recommend the Positive Intelligence program.

Cathy Kohn, St. Louis, MO

Cathy Kohn - Women's Empowerment Program

 “Angie creates a space of love and support to facilitate personal accountability. She utilizes several alternative healing methods to assist me in acknowledging and letting go of old feelings and replacing them with new, positive ones, like I AM enough. I have especially enjoyed the Positive Intelligence program, which is so easy to implement. It’s helped me to cultivate the mind-body connection which has helped me love myself and commence healing. I have recovered from the pain I felt when I started this process of self-discovery. My relationships with my family are better, and I don’t feel so alone anymore.

I highly recommend this program!

R Govero, St. Louis, MO

“I have been incredibly satisfied with this mental fitness course.  It couldn’t come at a better time as I’m dealing with a lot of life-changing transition. It has definitely kept me in more of a sage mode with a positive perspective, looking for opportunity and solutions, as opposed to viewing things in the negative and being a victim and coming from fear. 

I really like the way that the PQ reps are spaced out and remind me to do them and that I have the ability to journal and go to the gym and practice working out that muscle. I also like the weekly video conference with my pod. I get a lot out of it it along with the follow up emails from my coach.”

I highly recommend this program.

Meg Monti, Project Manager

Meg Monti - Women's Empowerment Program

“I have found the Positive Intelligence training (PQ) to be very helpful, particularly in recognizing my saboteur voices for the lies they are. Additionally, the work to strengthen my Sage voice is life changing because it helps me to calm my mind and reduce anxiety. I don’t feel nearly as triggered by previously perceived challenges and problems. I highly recommend this program.”

I’m so grateful!

B Cunningham, Owner

“The Positive Intelligence mental fitness training has made me aware of my Judge and accomplice saboteurs that create false narratives which lead to a host of negative emotions and resulting conflict. I’ve learned how to activate my Super Hero within (the Sage) to prevent my saboteurs from “keeping my hand on the hot stove.” It’s allowing me to create peace and harmony which eluded me before. I’m so grateful!”