I’m really proud of myself for getting unstuck, taking actions and feeling more optimistic!

Cathy Kohn, St. Louis, MO

Cathy Kohn - Women's Empowerment Program

I have been moderately depressed ever since the pandemic. I had been isolating, and it was hard to put myself in social situations. But once I joined Angie’s 6 month women’s empowerment program, it has swept away the black clouds. Recognizing my saboteurs and that I don’t have to think that way has made a big difference. I find myself sharing the principle of the group and others seem as excited as me. I notice my saboteurs show up and now I have a simple practice to acclimate my mind towards the positive and minimize the negative messages in my brain. I’m really proud of myself for getting unstuck, taking actions and feeling more optimistic!

Not only does Angie create a space of love and support to facilitate personal accountability, but she utilizes several alternative healing methods to assist me in acknowledging and letting go of old feelings and replacing them with new, positive ones, like I AM enough.

Once I recognized my part in my emotional difficulties, I was able to use Angie’s combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the healing codes, hypnosis and Positive Intelligence to cultivate the mind-body connection which has helped me love myself and commence healing. I have recovered from the pain I felt when I started this process of self-discovery. My relationships with my family are better, and I don’t feel so alone anymore. I highly recommend Angie’s women’s program.”

My relationship with my husband is 100% better. It feels like we are a partnership again.

Meg Monti, St. Louis, MO

Meg Monti - Women's Empowerment Program

“I joined the Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions group coaching program because I was working in a very stressful job that placed intense demands on me. My husband and I didn’t agree on a solution for how I could move out of that job and maintain financial security. I was also having potentially life-threatening health issues related to my asthma and pulmonary functioning. Time, money, and health were all worries that made finding a solution a challenge.

I chose Harmony Harbor Coaching because a trusted authority recommended it. Further, I wanted to work with someone who understood my experiences as a woman, employee, and wife. I wanted someone to meet me where I was and help me to see what I wasn’t seeing.

I wanted a supportive group environment with additional 1:1 coaching. The option to join the group in person or virtually also worked very well for me. And finally, having someone who truly understands (and has lived through) intense grief and the impact that has on the mind, body and soul was very important to me.

When I started the program, I was questioning myself, miserable in my job, and resentful of my boss and my husband. I felt discouraged because I thought that I’d have to either sacrifice myself or my marriage.

Angie as well as the other members of the group helped me to feel validated and led me to insights about what I really wanted and what was holding me back. Angie taught me techniques for calming my anxiety, going deeper into my feelings and experiences to get to the root of what was going on, and to then open up to solutions.

I have been to other sessions and retreats that focused on one or two strategies and modalities, but they never stuck. Having the full package of various healing modalities and the extended time of working together for 6 months contributed to the changes I’ve been able to make.

My relationship with my husband is 100% better. It feels like we are a partnership again.  The program helped me to figure out what I want and have the courage to ask for it with my career. I’m about to transition in two weeks into a consultant role and receive much-needed relief.  As my work life improves, I expect my health issues to as well, as my issues are related to stress and fatigue.

Sign up NOW! Angie is so open, supportive, accepting and loving in her work. The experience of doing this along with other women who have very different circumstances, but the same core issues, worries and needs absolutely increased the profound, positive impacts on my life.”

I am learning to free myself to be happy, healed and stronger to reach my goals and dreams.

—Judy Ryan, St. Louis, MO

Judy Ryan - Women's Empowerment Program

“I attended Angie’s Heal Your Heart Retreat and quickly realized that Angie’s 6-month program, Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions, was the next step in my own evolution as a woman business leader.  I didn’t know how to connect the dots between my unconscious beliefs and my successes and failures and shift them in specific and powerful ways. 

As I learned about positive intelligence and how trauma is held in our bodies, I began to see why my successes and failings, in work, partnership, family and more, were inconsistent, unpredictable and seemed out of my control.

Being with other women leaders in the group has allowed me to let my hair down, safely explore my vulnerabilities, and learn specific tools and techniques to heal and grow, all in an atmosphere of encouragement and love. Together we learn to recognize and release barriers so we grow, develop and succeed. Most of all, we become free to be happy and at peace while remaining strong and influential.

I came to Angie, overworked, struggling with losses and setbacks, unsure how to find balance, healing and success in my personal and professional life. Because of the work of Harmony Harbor, I am learning to free myself to become happy, healed and stronger in reaching my goals and dreams.

The stories we share and the mutual healing work we do, enables each of us to see the power of the work and the value of the group. I have found a wise, experienced, and loving guide in Angie. She has invested years in learning how to support our growth and development and brings compassion and empathy to everyone she serves. As women rise at this time in our history, Angie and Harmony Harbor are needed for the birthing of our greatest potentials and in support of our much-needed contributions. I highly recommend the work of Angie Monko and Harmony Harbor coaching to any woman who wants wholeness, courage and support in the evolution of her mind, body, heart and soul.”

A Huge Shift in Self-Worth.

—Loretta McNair, Los Angeles

“We had our most recent personal session on October 30th, and after that my schedule was too hectic to listen back to it and tap along like I had planned. Then I began to notice how this huge shift in my sense of self-worth was taking place and it felt like someone lifting a blanket off of me or something. I felt it happening at the beginning of November, but I couldn’t attribute the change to anything specific until I finally listened back to our Oct. 30th session and what we tapped on! After Tuesday’s conference call, hearing you explain how Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) works vibrationally (it was good for me to hear that refresher), and then listening back to that session, I realized that was the cause of this huge shift! It feels GREAT. You really have a tremendous talent at this and I hope it leads you to financial abundance. To me, you’re a wonderful example! Thank you so much for all your guidance and love.”

Angela helps her clients reach an unprecedented level of consciousness, harmony and peace.

—Thierry’ Mazue, Paris, France

Angela helps her clients reach an unprecedented level of consciousness, harmony and peace. She offers a field of new perspectives that gives each person the opportunity to find tranquility. I have a profound respect for her business ethics and professionalism. Angela is a strong professional, a fascinating woman, curious about others, open to the various cultures and people she meets. She exudes a calm, friendly, positive and constant strength that I had the happiness of experiencing during her and her family’s visit to Paris. Even outside the professional frame and with her family, harmony is definitely one of her core values that she uses on a daily basis. She walks the talk!”

Open the door to self-awareness

—Ann Aranda, St.Louis, MO

“Angie is amazing and can help you open the door to self- awareness and improvement. The techniques she utilizes, such as Emotional Freedom Technique, are effective and powerful. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Angie.”

Angie’s coaching helped me overcome serious self-esteem issues.

—Heather Grundy, Virginia

“Angie’s Emotional Freedom Technique and coaching skills have really helped me in my personal life. I have spent years struggling to overcome some serious issues that have beaten me down and kept my self-esteem rock bottom. I have enjoyed our coaching time and how compassionate Angie is. I hope that you help many more people as you have helped me. Thanks so much for all the help!”

I’m more confident in my decisions.

—Jamie Bonett, New Jersey

“Coaching with Angie has been a wonderful experience for me. With Angie’s love & support I am able to be more in control of my emotions. I have more confidence in the decisions that I make. I have learned how important it is to trust God. Coaching with Angie has been the best gift I have given to myself. She really cares about her clients.”
Jamie Bonett, New Jersey

I believe I’m a gift of God, not broken.

—Jane Brengle, St. Louis, MO

“I had been in a difficult place for so long I’m not sure when or where it started. I found Angie on the Internet and contacted her immediately. Because of Angie, I believe that my life is important and that I am a gift of God. I had always believed that I was somehow broken and unable to be fixed. Angie helped me see and come to believe that that is not true. Angie stayed by me when I had given up. With her gentle but firm hand, she guided me back to get answers that I needed. She kept telling me that I had the answers in me already and that I just needed help finding them. She was right. Angie is intuitive and always seemed to know exactly what I needed. Was it a coincidence that I found Angie on the Internet? Of course not. There are no coincidences, just the Universe bringing Angie to my rescue!” Update: Jane is so excited to be getting married this August . ”

Angie’s a bright light when all else seems dark.

—Leslie Berkman, Worden, IL

“I have known Angie since the 3rd grade. She is a born coach, highly intuitive, a bright light when all else seems dark. She has helped me in countless ways, many of them being through her amazing skill with Emotional Freedom Technique. Thanks for everything, Angie, and all the best to you! Love Always.”

I was able to become a karate champion.

—Anne Kovac, Black Belt Karate Student, St. Louis, MO

“With Angie’s help through Emotional Freedom Technique, I was able to gain the confidence and focus I needed to face my fears in the ring and become a national karate champion. I am now able to use EFT to achieve goals in my personal relationships as well.”

I am fascinated…by how much we accomplished in a short time.

—Alana L, St. Louis, MO

Thank you, Angie. I have been following my action plan and slept like a rock last night. Actually, I am quite fascinated by how wonderful our session was and how much we accomplished in a short time. You have a very special gift. Tappy Bear is ready to meet Maya next time she is feeling anxious. We will take great care of him and bring him home soon. Enjoy your weekend getaway, sounds fabulous.
Thank you for believing in me.
Alana L.

Angie helped me to become a better person for myself and my loved ones.

—St. Louis, MO Joseph Zuniga