Have you ever noticed that you can have a lot of knowledge about something, but until you transfer this intellectual understanding into a heart understanding, you won’t practice what you know.  You won’t “walk your talk.” What do you do when you get in a rut?  Pretend you get your car stuck in a literal rut.  You try to
get out of it by gunning it, right?  You dig yourself deeper in.  Then you try even harder to get out of it with no result. So you gun it harder and dig deeper in. Isn’t this the definition of insanity, but yet we operate our lives like this all of the time.

Just because you keep repeating some of the same insane behaviors doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or that you’re bad to the core.  It just means you that you haven’t learned how to do something different.  You haven’t acquired the tools which will give you the skills to resourcefully deal with a situation. If you will
put this same energy that you use to dig yourself deeper into ruts and try to manage your life with willpower into digging deeper within yourself for the answers, I think you will be surprised.  You need to be able to ask for help, help from others and your Higher Self. Nothing is going to change until you make the decision that enough is enough.

Just stop the blame game; stop blaming yourself for being inadequate because that’s what you do when you blame anyone or anything else.  In essence, you are saying, “You distract me, and I let you distract me so that I will not go within and deal with the real problem at hand.   If I did dig deep into myself, I might discover that I’m bad, flawed some how.” Stop believing that you aren’t enough to figure this out.
YOU ARE! Over the next few months, my daughter, Maddie, who just turned sixteen three days ago, is going to be sharing with you her journey of forgiveness with her Dad.

Today’s main article is entitled “The Art of Forgiveness” and is written by Maddie in its entirety, with only minor revisions by me for grammar.  The content is all her. I think it’s important to share with you Maddie’s “Relationship Reformation and Renovation Project.” It will give you a real-life story in which you can actually see how Maddie is applying universal principles and laws.  It will also demonstrate how some of these laws are simply knowledge in her mind right now and how they’ll be transferring to her heart
over time.  And once transferred there, you’ll see how she reforms herself first and then is able to renovate her relationships with others.  Stay tuned!

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Angie Monko