Dear Friend,

I just want to write a brief post today since I’m not feeling motivated to write, but to go within. And so I choose to honor that feeling and only take a few minutes to write to you.  I am feeling sad, and I honor that.  I’m not going to fight it.  I don’t feel like reaching out to potential clients or anyone, just being in silence. My sponsor in a twelve-step program just passed away suddenly on Monday, 10/10. Tonight I go to his funeral.  Dick Simonson just turned 80 years old on 10/4/11, and he’d been my sponsor for about eight years.  He was a wonderful sponsor, but even more importantly, friend.  I loved him very much, and I will miss him terribly.

Dick was one of the people in my life who really supported me.  We’d meet for lunch every month at Casa Gallarda and catch up on each other’s lives (he’s always get the taco salad). Dick always said we really co-sponsored each other, and he was so good at reminding me how much he valued our special times together.  When I was with Dick, I always felt special and loved.  He always took the time to really listen to me, and I did the same for him.  We counseled each other and shared our experiences. I know that Dick is okay and that there really is no such thing as death.  I KNOW this!  However, I will miss how I felt around Dick.  Dick helped many people out of the goodness of his heart and he impacted many lives, and of course he never got paid.

So, Dick, my friend, this is to you!  I will continue to sponsor and help people just like you do did, to pay it forward.  I’ll always remember our special conversations and appreciate how much you valued your friendships and family.  You were so proud of your family!  I love you, Dick! I think the reason we have to experience death is to appreciate life.  Very wise counsel is to live each day like we are dying.  The truth is, we never know when our number is up on this Earth. Imagine how lovely the planet would be if we could all live in this perspective.  We’d speak so kindly to others and wouldn’t worry about waiting on them or who did more than another.

On the last day I saw Dick, 9/23 (my birthday), it was very emotional.  I believe subconsciously I knew it would be the last time I saw him as “Dick.”  I told him I loved him, and he showed me pictures from long ago when he first married his wife, Florence.  So appreciate those you love. Tell them how much they mean to you, even if it embarrasses you.  Thank you for listening. And as my friend, Dick, would quote me from the Bible when I felt frazzled or doubtful or just sad, “Be still and know that I am God.”  This always gave me great comfort.  And so I feel like being still right now.

Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko