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Sometimes we have an urge to eat, and we know deep down that it’s not food we want. We want to be soothed so that we can live with our negative feelings.  The dictionary defines an urge as an influence, impulse or force.  The feelings can be very strong.  Try tapping on the following sequence. First rub your sore spot or tap on karate chop point and say:  “Even though I have these strong urges to eat, I choose to be peacefully indifferent to food.  Even though I love food and it tastes good, I know it’s not what I need,
and it will not fill my emptiness.

Even though food comforts and soothes me, I choose to slow down and focus on what I truly need.” TAP through the points:  “This urge to eat.  I have to have it.  I’m trying to fight it.  It’s hard to let go.  It’s what I’ve always turned to.  I need my comfort food.  I need calming.  I want what I want.  I don’t know if I can make it without food. I know it’s soothing but it’s not what I need.  Food is just food.  I choose to accept who I am.  I will be okay without my food crutch.  I can handle whatever comes my way.  I love having a choice.  I can choose food when I want it.  Food is no big deal.  It will be OK. All is well.”

Note: some of the words are taken from Carol Solomon’s EFT Weight Loss. If you only used EFT to help manage and reduce cravings and urges to eat, it would be invaluable. However, the cravings will keep recurring if you don’t address the underlying emotional reasons for wanting to turn to food as your elixir or balm. Just the process of releasing weight can be very emotionally devastating and frustrating and discouraging, even if you don’t have the physical and emotional cravings for food.

Some of the next articles will address this emotional roller coaster ride and how to overcome the bumpy ride with EFT.

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