I learned about emotional freedom technique (EFT) or tapping over 7 years ago.

I fell in love with it because I knew it was my ticket to freedom.  I knew there was trauma trapped in my body from childhood.  I wanted to release these wounds and allow a more natural expression of myself to emerge.  I wanted to be me without fear of someone recriminating me.  I wanted to allow myself to flower into what I give various names:   My Inner Diva, My Goddess, My God Within, My Empowered Self, The Divine Self, The Soul.

My Soul has a daily dialogue with my victim self, sometimes it is a gentle and nurturing conversation, sometimes it’s a struggle, and sometimes it’s a downright battle. I use tapping on energy meridians to build a bridge between these two parts of me, my Divine Self and my victim self.  I realize that it doesn’t do me any good to continue battling it out between my lower and higher consciousness.  It is simply a waste of energy and time.  I may find myself repeating the same behavior patterns because I am afraid to change and grow and be open and willing.  This equates to frustration.  I find it much more peaceful and inviting to accept all of me, and I can facilitate this change with tapping.

When I feel angry or frustrated, I can tap on the emotions AND decide to allow the feelings to course through my body.  I can decide to use the emotion as a vehicle to peace.  Let me give you an example.  I once got angry at someone because of how she treated me when I asked her to ship something to me, that she no longer needed.  I knew that I had been calm and professional with her, and that by merely stating the facts of what had happened, she became angry.  She said I was being negative and would not ship the item.  I felt like her ego was tremendously big and she was trying to punish me for not pursuing the actions she had advised. Then I realized I was blaming her for my anger and how she treated me.

It wasn’t the obvious blaming someone for where I’m at in life, like an adulterous spouse, or cruel parents or such.  Normally I take responsibility for my life.  But when this overall stranger treated me in a disrespectful way, I wanted to jump through the phone and slap her. I wanted to pinpoint every little detail of what she had done to prove she was an egomaniacal hypocrite (which I could have easily done based on her actions). And then what?  Would my expending more energy on this and proving her wrong have brought me any closer to peace?  No.  I would have continued to give her my power and sank further into the depths of my victim hood.  I was emotional about it.  And so on the way to the post office,
I was listening to a Michael Beckwith CD, and he was talking about victim consciousness.

He said to use the emotion to declare to the Universe that I will no longer sacrifice my well-being.  I will no longer be a victim!  I can reclaim my power through forgiving MYSELF.  That’s right.  Not forgiving her.  Forgiving myself. And so I decided to forgive this individual, and in so doing, forgive myself.  Every morning I tap on my emotions and try to make peace with where I’m at.  The more I become aware of my victim self, the more compassion I have for her, and the more my soul cries out for reconciliation between my self and my Self, my victim and my Soul.

As I learn to forgive myself for that part of me that resented this person and take responsibility for my belief systems (BS–ha, ha), I learn to love, accept and approve of myself exactly where I am.  No outside circumstance or person determines my happiness or peace.  This is empowering!

The real courage (and my job/action) lies in practicing this principle of humility every single moment of every single day. If you want to learn more about tapping and forgiving yourself, visit www.harmonyharbor.com and feel free to comment on my blog.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko