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Do you really want what you want? This isn’t some clever
play on words. I’m serious. I’m getting serious with myself
too. I’m calling BS on myself. BS which can also stand for
”bored with self,” tiring of the same worn out excuses.

If I’ve been stating I want something (to lose weight, to
have more intimate connected relationships, to make
more money, to travel more, etc.), but none of my actions
align with those desires, isn’t it time we call ourselves
on it?

We TRULY do not want those things, and that’s OK. But
let’s stop kidding ourselves and paying lip service to
desires that aren’t that important to us. This self delusion
keeps us stuck in disempowerment and frustration.

Even if we could just get real and honest with our current
reality and claim the following, that is a choice, and choices
are empowering:

  • I want to be overweight.

  • I want to avoid intimate, vulnerable connection.

  • I want to struggle with money.

  • I want to sit at home and isolate.

And though these things may sound a little depressing,
(and even smart alecky to an extent) at least they align
with reality, which provides some relief.

Hey, if we can accept our current desires which must
line up with reality (harsh, but true), maybe it will provide
us with the needed space to change our current reality.

We must get real with ourselves. There is a part of us, that
once a desired change begins to come into fruition, our heart
clamps up, our mind shuts down, and off into overwhelm we go.

We ain’t no way lettin’ anyone close to our heart! Really.
Examine this. Our actions show how we withdraw if we get
our feelings hurt.

I bet we can even trace back to specific conversations when
someone said something that bruised our EGO and our
feelings, and since that time, we’ve closed up shop to that person.

Their words seem to be etched in stone.

To get what we want, our dream business, our ideal body, our
perfect partner, our desired lifestyle, we must be willing to commit
to change. To changing ourselves.

And the mind will whisper all sorts of falsehoods about why that
isn’t possible. And it will be right…because it isn’t possible if we don’t
commit to our transformation first.

Being right to the EGO is the most important priority. The EGO
would much rather be right than happy, content and at peace
with life.

What is most important to YOU?

Morgan and I are here to take a stand for your transformation,
and we do that by providing the safe space. We hold this beautiful
container for you, but we can’t do it for you. Only you can.

I urge you to get earnest about your transformation and to
consider one of two options:

1) Decide that you really want to go for this thing. And if you
do, and our energy resonates with yours, click this button NOW,
and schedule time to talk with me (no charge for this “Become a
Loving Self-Advocate” discovery session). Please be prepared to
move forward IF IT MAKES SENSE after our discussion.

2) Decide that you aren’t ready to go for this thing for whatever
reason. AND let that be OK. No guilt, shame or self-recrimination.
I still love and respect you, and we can perhaps connect at a different
time. This will help take the pressure off of you and make peace
with where you’re at.

Much Love,