Want to know how to be durable in the real world?  I know I do.  Think about it.  If you exercise your body in such a way that it becomes stronger and more flexible, when you are out living, you create a fortress around yourself. Last winter, when my husband, Steve, and I drove our daughter, Maddie, to Pennsylvania to visit her biological father, in a blizzard, we finally arrived around 1am.  We were tired from the long drive and the tension from hazardous driving conditions.

We got stuck going up the hill, and so my ex-husband drove his 4-wheel drive vehicle down the hill and parked next to us so we could transfer over the luggage. While carrying a suitcase to his truck, I slid on a piece of ice and lunged deeply to one knee and pivoted my body to the right.  Instead of falling, I sprung right back up, never touching the ground. I was astounded at how gracefully I recovered.  Nor did I hurt my back when I twisted it oddly.  Immediately, I was grateful for the times I’d spent doing strength training and yoga to prepare me for physical durability int he real world.

Well, don’t we all need the same kind of protection for our minds?  One might argue that mental protection is even more critical as it affects all levels of our being, physical, emotional and spiritual as well. The trap most of us fall into, of course including myself, is that we have a false sense of safety and protection, and this false sense of protection comes from the EGO.  The EGO is a master persuader of “I can’t do that! That would require me to change.  Change leaves me vulnerable.  I’d rather suffer the
status quo than the pain of change!”

My question to you is this: Does the EGO really keep you safe by protecting whatever habit you’re trying to preserve, maybe it’s extra weight, a job, a relationship, a belief system (BS), being broke. It keeps you the same.  If you are happy with your life right now, no more discussion is necessary.  If, on the other hand, you want something more, then I’m talking to you. Real security and protection come from taking time to
yourself on a daily basis, time to reflect on your life, pray, meditate, journal or whatever works for you to connect with the Truth. By doing things to reframe old limiting belief systems to empowering ones that result in healthier habits, you find yourself taking actions that align with what you want.

This builds spiritual muscle and fortitude.  It helps you to be mentally durable in the real world and then when crisis happens, you have the skills and abilities to cope. It’s a real feeling of security to trust yourself to be able to handle whatever comes your way, and the only way I know how to do that is to know deep within your heart that you are enough. So if you want to be durable in the real world, physically, eat
right and exercise.  If you want to be durable mentally, take quiet time to yourself daily.

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Angie Monko