Dear Fellow Seekers,

Catherine Hughes completed my family’s dog readings this week, and they were indeed fascinating and informative.  This may sound very odd to you but the dogs (Maggie-deceased boxer and Kipper–our current labradoodle)  wouldn’t talk to her all last week because they were saying “Talk to the Mom first.”  Catherine didn’t know what this meant, and then she remembered that my 14-year-old stepdaughter,
Chelsea, had lost her Mom (Lori) in a fire in April 2005.  So she agreed to talk to Lori first.  Lori basically wanted to apologize to Chelsea and my husband for many mistakes she had made with them.  She said she has learned her lessons and she feels stuck now.  She wanted to make peace with them so that she could move toward the light.

This was a very releasing experience for Chelsea, and she now feels better about giving her Mom permission to move on in the spiritual realm. After this, Catherine spoke to Maggie.  What intrigues me is how accurate the information was that she conveyed through Maggie.  Although Maggie has been gone for years, she still is aware of what is going on currently.  I’m not exactly sure how Catherine receives the
messages and if the information comes from only the dogs, but wherever it comes from, it seems accurate.

We recorded the session in which we would ask Catherine to ask the dog questions. She was able to tell us about the personalities of the people in the family and certain issues they were facing and how to overcome them.  You may be thinking, “Take  advice from a dog!”  That is nuts!  Well maybe it is, but we’re not really taking advice. We are just asking questions out of curiosity and then seeing if the answers ring true.

The answers had wisdom in them, and I was impressed! Kipper was able to tell us that he wasn’t feeling well lately (which was congruent with reality–he’s been tired these last 2 weeks), and he thinks it may be a tape worm.  So then Catherine gives suggestions on how we might help him.  So this is quite a multi-tiered service.  You get to hear what your dog is thinking, and that alone is fun!  And you also get to learn more about your self and loved ones, AND you get potential solutions.

Catherine did NOT ask me to write this.  I was so impressed with her service that I wanted to share.  We can gain a lot of wisdom and insight from our furry (or not-so-furry, depending on your type of et) friends!

Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko