Wealth Testimonials


The following are some testimonials about Wealth and Success

I’ve tripled my revenue, feel happier & more supported.

—Diane Finnestead, St. Louis, MO


“Working with Harmony Harbor Coaching has increased my ability to manifest the right people to support and grow my business.  I don’t have to go it alone as an individual or be worried or afraid; I can embrace change.  For example, I’ve learned to gauge my hiring the right people as my support team, which saves my business both time and money immediately and down the road.

Embracing change with a team approach has allowed me to feel supported with a safety net and benefit from group synergy when taking risks.  In addition, I confronted my huge fear of failure and rejection when developing relationships within my team.  I realized I had been guarding my knowledge from those who needed it most, and I needed to outwardly express how I valued their input.

Our communication welcomes trust and honors everyone’s experience.  The contributions and talent of my team guides every day decisions and the future of my business….

I now meet people where they are, ask them what their goals are and what makes them happy.  This new mindset has allowed me to triple my revenue, and I’m a lot happier and feel much more supported.  My team shares core values, and we thrive because we serve other people together.  As a result, my quality of life has tremendously increased!”

I was stuck and very skeptical but now feel so much lighter and open to growing and experiencing the peace and joy that I believe God intends for all of us.

 —Tammy Luechtefeld, Ballwin, MO

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“I felt “stuck” when I came to Angie.  I had an amazing business coach that helped me with certain aspects of my life, in addition to growing my business, but I just wasn’t able to get past some blocks.  I wasn’t even sure exactly what was “blocking” me.

I was hesitant to spend time and money to work on these “blocks” when I wasn’t sure what if anything could help me grow.  I honestly stayed busy so I wouldn’t have to deal with upsetting issues or feelings I wanted to avoid.  I had heard about Angie from Referral Institute and BNI –good reputation.  

I like variety and so learning different techniques to use at different times has been especially helpful for me.  I was very hesitant and doubtful about Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping; it sounded way too “weird” to me.  I also thought people who used hypnosis were probably just “faking” that hypnotic state, and I certainly didn’t want to say or do anything that I wasn’t aware of.  I totally didn’t understand what hypnosis was.  When Angie mentioned healing codes, I was skeptical but by this time very willing to try ideas to help me in my personal/emotional growth.  

Angie explained how I could use whatever process/technique felt right at any given time, as I was growing and changing in how I viewed where I am today and where I want to go. These techniques provide me with a system and structure to focus and discover areas of my life that I have just “brushed aside” rather than think about and work through. 

I have always known that if I keep thinking and doing things the same way, it was crazy to expect different results. Until working with Angie, I just avoided facing some of the challenges. Once I addressed them, I realized they weren’t so large or difficult after all. 

The questions Angie asks make me think about issues that I have just “put off.”  Now I feel so much less stress and “lighter” than when I was walking around with the burdens.

If you really want to make some changes in your life, have tried to some extent in the past, haven’t achieved the results you want, AND you are willing to commit to working through some uncomfortable issues, Angie is the coach for you

It is important to be open to unfamiliar or unusual techniques that you may have actually laughed at in the past.  When these techniques are brought into your life at the right time, when you are ready for them, they can help you open your life to grow and experience the peace and joy that I believe God intends for all of us.”  

I attract joy, abundance and wealth as I release weight.

—Ann Coats, Lexington, KY


“This was the best money I ever spent. I have been overweight most of my life and unhappy I thought because of that. I was in an abusive relationship and felt depressed most of the time. Now since working with Angie, I lost weight, was successful in leaving the abusive relationship and feel terrific. I accomplished all of this without expensive drugs that don’t work or long term therapy. Angie coached me using her gift of intuition and other techniques that really work. She showed me how to believe in myself again and how to create an abundant, happy and fulfilling life. Because of my experience with Angie, I can now create and attract all the joy, abundance and wealth God meant for each one of us to have.”

Angie’s helping me to be the Best father and husband I can be by balancing the tug of war between work and family.

—Scott Cramer, St. Louis, MO


“Angie has helped me begin the journey to become the person I would like to be. Angie has a well-developed gift for seeing through nonsense and straight to the heart of an issue. Through hypnosis and other methods, Angie is helping me walk through a journey to realize my dreams and to recognize self-inflicted roadblocks.

Angie is easy to talk to and very interesting in her own right. I really felt like I was just having coffee with an old friend, yet a friend who has the professional insight to guide my thought process into realizing that I have the tools I need to move forward. I just hadn’t been using those tools to the best of my ability.

Many times Angie called me out on one thing or another and really pushed me out of my box to make me stop and think about what I just said and how it affects my business and family. 

Angie continuously strives to help me balance my desire to be successful and my absolute need to be the best father and husband I can be. That conflict rages on daily, and Angie has been the one person to recognize this conflict and provide tools to help me cope with the struggle.

I use the tools every day to help resolve the tug of war between work and family. I am a happier person now, not because I have become more successful, or a better dad, but simply because Angie helped me realize what was happening, and more importantly she taught me to deal with it. We still have a long way to go but this a journey not a destination.”

My business is on the right path to success because I’m taking the necessary risk.

—Matt Crismore, St. Louis, MO

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“I came to Angie because I was procrastinating in making major business decisions. I was avoiding conflict and not wanting to make a decision for fear of the unknown. I met Angie in my network, and I didn’t consider a competitor.

What I found most helpful about the process was that I felt completely at ease in confiding in Angie and I trusted the process. Angie explained very thoroughly and comfortably what the process consisted of and gave me the tools necessary to break through barriers in my mind. I gained the confidence to make game-changing decisions and face the tough tasks that I had been avoiding with my staffing needs for the agency.

I have re-positioned one employee and hired another two since meeting with Angie. My business is now on the right path to success, rather than being stuck in a rut before meeting with Angie. I attribute our hypnosis session as unlocking the power to allow me to make the tough decisions and take the necessary risks in order to succeed. If you go in with an open mind and commit to self-improvement, the value of meeting with Angie is immeasurable.”

I am now ready to step into the spotlight without judgment and grow my business.

—Maureen Wielansky, Vitality Expert, St. Louis, MO

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“Before working with Angie I was struggling with doubt. I didn’t know if I had the ability to create abundance while helping others. I had difficulty saying I was worth the investment I was charging.

As I started looking for a solution, I was worried about hiring another coach and investing even more money on another program that would not work. I was willing to live with regret more than taking chance. 

Angie helped me see that the solution was within me and she showed me how to notice my blocks that kept me stuck and a few simple yet powerful techniques that eased my mental anguish without worrying about fear of failure or self-doubt taking over my mind.

I felt relief and excitement about building my business knowing that I am right where I am supposed to be because the anguish I was feeling taught me to see my true power. As a result of working with Angie, I am now ready to step into the spotlight without judgment.

I was stuck, and now I’m charging my value, my confidence has skyrocketed, and I’m speaking up. My husband and I just adopted our son.

—Tiffany Hoeckelman, St. Louis, MO

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“I was frustrated and stuck when I came to Angie. My business wasn’t generating enough
to provide for my family
, it wasn’t growing, my health was declining, and I wanted a family more than anything. I was afraid it would be too “woo woo,” new age or conflict with my values and religious beliefs. 

I chose to work with Angie because of the raving endorsement by Virginia Muzquiz and because Angie’s mention of God. I wasn’t sure that we shared identical beliefs, but knowing that we had a common belief in a higher power called God as the creator of the universe and that we were both raised in the Christian tradition made me feel much more comfortable.  

At first, I was impressed with the impact of emotional freedom technique. But more recently, I’ve been using The Healing Codes, and the results have been remarkable.  My confidence has skyrocketed. I am less intimidated in groups or by people that I previously would have been intimidated by. I am coming to accept my own value, worth and purpose. 

My business is growing and I’m charging prices more in line with the value I offer, rather than a dollar for hour price which kept me on the gerbil wheel of needing to work more to make more.  I remember after one particular healing code in which I focused on being confident when “putting myself out there,” I was faced with three specific situations within a few days that I would have typically avoided or kept my mouth shut about.  

Rather, I was emboldened to speak up, gently of course. My voice was heard where it otherwise would have been silent. It was a big step for me. The support I’ve received from Angie and Harmony Harbor also encouraged and enabled me to have the confidence to pursue foster and adoption to grow my family. (Update: Tiffany and her husband just adopted their son in 2019). 

I’m focusing more and more on my health, and as I keep working through some of my deep issues, I think the health issues will begin to right themselves. I highly recommend Angie and HHC! Thanks, Angie!”

I have experienced business growth because of my own personal growth.

—Julie Padberg-White, St. Louis, MO


“I started working with Angie privately on the recommendation of a wise friend. This friend and business colleague knew my struggles with my business, gaining focus and reaching my goals. The Return on Investment from my sessions has far exceeded my expectations and led me to partake in one of Angie’s workshops. 

For years I have struggled with gaining an inner balance and focus, not only personally but professionally. I own two businesses and am a partner in another while juggling three kids and ample family drama and chaos.

Monetary success and focus have always seemed beyond my reach. Initially I was slightly skeptical at the idea of hypnosis and using Emotional Freedom Technique, but I was willing to try new things to help me learn more about myself and to be more successful, as a business owner, mom and wife. Angie’s warm nature, positive attitude, experience, and the referral from my friend put me at ease, and after the first private session, I was hooked. 

Being open and honest in the process, encouraged by Angie’s loving guidance, has made the private sessions and workshops invaluable to me. I have learned a lot about my own baggage and the baggage of others that I have been carrying that keep me unfocused and stressed. I feel more settled and more comfortable in my own skin, more comfortable and open as a mom, and more open to success. I have experienced business growth which has come from my own personal growth, none of which would have occurred without Angie’s help.

I’m hooked and I recommend you absolutely take the leap of faith with yourself and with Angie.”

I was able to find clarity and confidence and move forward in my business.

—Lanette Gerau, St. Louis, MO

“Having spent the last 15 years in corporate America, I was excited to venture out & start my own business.   Once I jumped in, I quickly began to feel confused, stuck and unsure of the way forward.  It was during this time that I met Angie Monko of Harmony Harbor.  By participating in the retreat, I became aware of how fear was holding me back.  By the second day, I was feeling empowered and understanding of how to respond to situations to bring about better results, faster. Working with Angie opened my mind to look at the logistics of projects and explore the emotional issues associated with it. By doing this, I was able to find clarity & confidence.  Angie asked insightful questions and gently guided me to solutions, often in unexpected directions that created productive insights.  The live retreat was the catalyst that led me to other solutions, and now my business is booming! I just got another big promotion! I highly recommend Angie’s services!”

I released the fear of rejection and was able to make business calls!

—Lisa Rose, Entrepreneur, St. Louis, MO

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“I went to see Angie Monko for help with a fear of rejection or what I thought was a phone phobia. Having a home-based business, I need to be able to make phone calls without fear. This has been a lifelong problem for me which I labeled ‘calling reluctance’. After about an hour session with her, I was astonished to discover that the real core issue was actually fear of success.

My conscious mind wanted to be successful but my subconscious mind didn’t feel it was safe because, in the past, I had experienced an illness which caused defeat after success. Therefore, I was holding onto the belief that success only leads to failure and disappointment. I let go of the fear of success, and viola, like magic I was able to make my important calls without fear. All this from just one hour with Angie! Angie has a unique and intuitive method for finding out what’s really going on! I am so grateful to her.”

Economic insecurity has left me,
and my relationship to my work
and with my wife is now incredible.

—S.C., St. Louis, MO

“I started working with Angie around 2012.  My initial inquiry was related to hypnosis and the possibility that I could gain some peace and insight into my life.  At the time, I was struggling in business and in my marriage.  We were coming out of the recession, and I was confronted with significant financial insecurity. 

I started with hypnosis, but Angie recognized that the struggles I was having could be addressed with other modalities of care.  We worked on all aspects of my life and used different techniques including EFT, Healing Code and Private Coaching. 

I am happy to report that with Angie’s help I am in a much, much better place. Economic insecurity has left meMy relationship to my work and my wife is incredible. I have been able to re-define the meaning of success and gain the ability to deal powerfully in every aspect of my life. I can’t recommend Angie Monko enough! I am eternally grateful.”


Angie helped me to increase my financial prosperity and overcome fears, like claustrophobia.

—Malina Milosevich, St. Louis, MO



After lifelong therapy, Angie helped me to feel like I’m enough and see my purpose. As a result, I tripled my income and my life has balance and ease.

—Rebecca Craig, St. Louis, MO


Angie helped me strengthen my relationships with family, customers and business

colleagues which improved my prosperity.

—Joe Gordon, St. Louis, MO

I’ve really been able to increase my confidence and build my business.

—Dana Rich, St. Louis, MO


I hired Angie to address self-limiting beliefs around money and we accomplished that!

—Shary Raske Yorktown, VA.

Shary-Raske_headshot Chin Up Chin Out 17.jpg

Angie Monko at Harmony Harbor is a life coach like no others. I took an introductory course and knew immediately she was the business and life resource for me. I originally hired Angie to address self-limiting beliefs around money. We accomplished that. Her inner mind techniques, particularly the healing codes brought new insights to my work. What I appreciated most about Angie is her authenticity and presence.

I relied heavily on Angie during my move from St. Louis to Yorktown, Virginia, and it gave me tremendous emotional and spiritual support. I appreciated both her wisdom and logic. Giving me a summary immediately after our session with clarity of homework is something I’ve incorporated into my coaching practice.

Angie’s commitment to health and well-being fit right into my philosophy of living. Her authenticity alone invited me to be more authentic. And I really appreciated she’s tuned into the needs of sensitive women.