Weight Loss Testimonials


The following are some testimonials about Weight Loss

I broke through barriers to make weight loss achievable.

—Donna Schmitz, St. Louis, MO

“After struggling with weight loss for over 25 years and only having a glimpse of awareness of an unconscious block, I knew Angie’s hypnosis method would break through my self-barriers and make weight loss achievable. Angie is wise beyond her years. Angie facilitated self-awareness and personal growth by leaps and bounds over every other weight loss program I have tried. Through hypnosis, along with Emotional Freedom Technique, what were once elusive goals were now achieved in a matter of weeks. I had success with using hypnosis in 1991 to quit smoking. That worked after one session. Food addiction is much a more complex and complicated issue. It encompasses every area of our lives, spiritual, physical, and emotional. She designed a formula that was personal to my situation and effective. Her professional opinions and easily performed tasks were sound and quite remarkable, making insight and personal growth much more quickly attainable. Also, she is a good coach who motivates gently. I am so happy she had a method that helped me to get unstuck and move closer to achieving my personal weight loss goals.”

I refocused on what I wanted, not what I didn’t want, and the weight began to fall off.

—Elizabeth Okenfuss, St. Louis, MO

“When I met Angie, I was feeling discouraged and hopeless in several areas of my life. I had been focusing on losing weight but discovered while working with Angie that the weight was tied to issues that I hadn’t successfully dealt with. I was amazed at how quickly I refocused on what I wanted, not what I didn’t want, and the weight began to fall off.

Angie is an intuitive and gifted coach and mentor. Her integrity and professionalism helped me move through initial reluctance to commit to working with a coach. Also, I felt confident in her training and advanced certification in Emotional Freedom Technique and her certification in hypnotherapy. Working with Angie was the push I needed to take myself and my issues seriously. Most of all, after working with her the first time, I regained hope and that has been more than enough to motivate me to keep moving forward.”

I attract joy, abundance and wealth as I release weight.

—Ann Coats, Lexington, KY


“This was the best money I ever spent. I have been overweight most of my life and unhappy I thought because of that. I was in an abusive relationship and felt depressed most of the time. Now since working with Angie, I lost weight, was successful in leaving the abusive relationship and feel terrific. I accomplished all of this without expensive drugs that don’t work or long term therapy. Angie coached me using her gift of intuition and other techniques that really work. She showed me how to believe in myself again and how to create an abundant, happy and fulfilling life. Because of my experience with Angie, I can now create and attract all the joy, abundance and wealth God meant for each one of us to have.”

The core issues that kept the weight on were affecting all areas of my life.

—Barry Miller, IL

“Angela Monko used Emotional Freedom Technique to help me take my life to a new and exciting level. She has the unique ability to get to the core issues of what was holding me back in my life. She helped me break down the false foundations that I had been building my life around. I thought that I was just talking with her about weight loss, but what I found were the core issues that kept the weight on were also affecting many areas of my life. Angela is a compassionate and gifted coach. Angela has shown me the ability to choose the life that I want, instead of my life being chosen for me by circumstances of the past.

If you have dreams and desires in your life that you just can’t seem to make come true, talk with Angela. I highly recommend her as a coach, mentor and friend. The work that she does and the intuition that she has combine to create a unique opportunity for you to get in life what you say you want. If you are not where you want to be in life, why not? If not now, when will you decide to get there? Work with Angela and create your best life NOW!!”