Dear Friend,

My family and I are heading to Key West, Florida, tomorrow, 11/5/11, for one week. We are very much looking forward to it!  We’re staying with friends, a young married couple, who live right on the beach.  I have allowed my two teen girls, Maddie and Chelsea, to take off school for one week outside of winter break.  I gave them a choice. Some of their teachers really didn’t like this and even said they felt sorry for them, because they were going to get so far behind.  One teacher just said to have a wonderful time and not to worry about anything.

You may think I’m bold to take my kids out of school for a vacation for one week. The way I see this is that they get to experience life school for a  week, in a culturally-unique place, Key West, Florida. I want my children to love to travel and explore the world, and my husband, Steve, and I have given them this gift.
Since they were three and four years old, we’ve taken them on an annual vacation.  So this year, they get two.  We had a 5 day summer vacation to Branson (it was fun but we are used to a full week) and now they get this one as a BONUS!

When Chelsea graduates high school in 2013, we are going to France, and when Maddie graduates in 2014, we are going to Australia.  Yes, these are expensive trips, and the money will be there to do it.  How do I know this?  Because I’ve decided it’s important and I’ve asked the Universe to provide it.  It WILL happen. I am now on day 17 of attempting the complaint free challenge, and my vibration is rising, and of course, the law of attraction is always operating.  It’s wonderful to attract what we want by simply focusing on not complaining, criticizing or gossiping.

The reason is that we are in gratitude by virtue of practicing this challenge. In my next newsletter, I’ll tell you all about Key West!

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Much Love & Blessings

Angie Monko