My intention is for you to receive joy, peace and love abundantly in 2012!  Thank you for sharing this journey of life with me. This has certainly been a year of contrast for me!  There have been many blessings and also some challenges.  Let’s start with the blessings. I went into my coaching/hypnosis/EFT business full-time in February and have fully enjoyed it, along with how it’s helping me to grow and mature. Chelsea, my daughter, got her driver’s license and a job in April.  The deal was that she get a job if she wanted to buy a car.

So we went in half on a Chrysler Sebring convertible. She has proven to be very independent and responsible and still holds her job at Smoothie King while being in high school. My family and I vacationed to Branson, MO in the summer with my brother’s family, which was a lot of fun!  We went tubing on Table Rock Lake, swam, shopped and ate out and hang out together.  Then in November we all went to Key West for a week, staying at our friend’s house. We went to the beach and downtown Key West, each for a couple of days.  We were fortunate to see the Veteran’s Day Parade on 11/11/11 and enjoy great seafood.

On a sad note, I lost my dear step dad in June after a 3-week battle with cancer.  I lost my sponsor in OA, Dick, in October after a heart aneurysm. Both were special male role models to me and their deaths were very quick and unexpected.  I miss them a lot. In October, my husband, Steve, lost his job after being employed 20 years.  In December, my daughter, Maddie (15), was hospitalized with pneumonia for the first time for her cystic fibrosis for one week. Even though this year has definitely had its tough spots, I always look for the silver lining.  Maddie got a “tune up” in the hospital, according to her.

She’s never felt better and has a new passion/purpose for her life:  she wants to help other CF kids get healthy.  I’m certain Steve will find something much better than he had.  My step dad and Dick both lived happy, relatively long lives of no regret.  What more can we ask? My coach gave me a wonderful compliment last week, that lets me know that I’m learning to cope with life at a higher level.  Basically, she said she’s seen me get sidetracked in the past with my business when life happened, but I haven’t done that this year.  I’ve stayed the course.  I encourage you to stay the course too.  When circumstances seem bleak, ask yourself what you are meant to learn from the experience.  What is the positive thing that
has come from it or might come from it.

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