My daughter, Chelsea (17 years old), is in a relationship with a nice boy her age, Jack (I’ve changed his name to protect his privacy).  It’s bringing up all sorts of opportunities for her to learn and grown, and, gratefully, she sees it this way. On Monday of this week, Chelsea approached me and said she had been feeling bad about her body all day and didn’t know why.  Later in the evening, we decided to do some tapping together, using a CD from the Tapping World Summit on Stress Relief.

I love it because it really relaxes you and helps you to see that how we handle stress is just another limiting belief system.  The idea that we must get everything off of our plate before we can relax and be at peace is false. Anyhow, after we finished tapping, Chelsea blurted out, “I feel really bad about a text I sent to Zach (a boy she’d liked but never dated).” She told me she’d said some really mean things to him, influenced by Jack who doesn’t like Zach.  I told her she needed to apologize to him, and she agreed.

The cost of this decision is that it would upset Jack, who is insecure about Zach. She decided to let Jack know because he wants to have an honest relationship.  He did get very upset but she stuck to her guns and explained that she wasn’t true to herself when she allowed him to convince her to send that text. Isn’t it funny how, after sending that cruel text at 5am on Monday, and then forgetting about it, it showed up for Chelsea as having body image issues that day?  She had betrayed herself by being mean to someone, and whether he deserved it or not is irrelevant.

We cannot be harmful to someone else without it hurting ourselves even more. I also love how tapping on stress relief and loving ourselves (not even apparently related to the Zach incident) brought up to Chelsea’s consciousness her need to make things right and get back in energetic alignment with herself. We all have a natural tendency to repress things so we don’t have to deal with them.  Even better, we are constantly distracted by life’s details so we don’t have to look honestly at what’s troubling us.  If this is you,
interrupt that pattern and take 5 minutes today to sit quietly with your thoughts, and see what bubbles up.

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