This weekend typically commemorates the start of summer vacation season.  Many families will be heading to the lake, camping, having BBQ’s and festivities, living life and remembering what is truly most important, the people in their lives.  We get an extra day of rest on Monday to chill out and relax. Monday is also Memorial Day, a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

It’s a good reminder to appreciate the precious time we have with loved ones and friends.  So I want to honor all of those people who have died, protecting our freedoms.  Thank you! I take my freedom for granted at times.  I’ve known no other way of life.  I know things aren’t perfect here in the U.S., and we have
lots of room for improvement, but at least we have our liberty, and if we are lucky, we have our health and our loved ones too. My daughter, Chelsea, graduates on May 30 from high school.  It’s truly hard to believe it’s the year 2013.

Our children grow up so fast.  Sometimes I’d like to slow the clock down, have everything come to a grinding halt.  Peace…Silence…  I’m not sure what your plans are for the weekend. Whatever your plans are, consider taking a few moments to slow down, be with friends and family, really listen to them, BE with
them, even when they are imperfect and say or do silly, obnoxious things.  No one is doing anything personally against us.  They just want us to love them…. What can I do to love them more?  I think I will ask myself that question as I go to sleep tonight.

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Sweet Dreams,

Angie Monko