Just checking in with you… I hope you are doing OK.

If you’re like me, your emotions probably vacillate between
feeling calm at times and anxious at others.

There’s NO Escaping All This Energy

Do you recall me talking about how 20% of us on the planet
are highly sensitive, meaning our nervous systems are
wired to be more sensitive to stimuli, like sights, sounds, smells,
others’ emotions? And that includes me!

People who fall into this category of being highly sensitive people (HSP)
are often coaches, counselors, healers, artists, etc. We have
a knack for being in tuned with the pulse of humanity’s feelings.

And oh boy! There ARE many feelings happening right now.
No matter how many energy techniques I do to protect my
grounded self, there’s no escaping the energy of the planet
right now, AND nor would we want to.

There is a Huge Shift in Consciousness Happening

I’m honored to be here during this time of such a huge
shift of consciousness, where it feels like we have one foot
on this physical plane and another in the invisible realm.

Part of me wants to feel sad about all the divisiveness
I see between people, the far apart political viewpoints, the
accusations, the name calling, the harsh judgments.

We so easily forget our common ground. It’s easy to judge
because we think THEY are selfish and self-serving, don’t care
about the elderly or those with weakened immune systems
dying. Or we think THEY only care about money.

But another part of me knows all is OK. No matter your political
bent, you are HUMAN and you deserve love, respect and kindness.

No One Really Knows The Truth

No one fully knows exactly what is going on or what will happen.
Depending on the reports you read, you could feel doom and an
end-of-the-world fear, or you might feel hopeful. Chances are
you feel both in the same 24 hours.

What is all that’s been happening in our world pointing towards?
What are we as a species supposed to understand and change
from this?

Viruses bring our bodies back into balance. Surely there is a
silver lining. The state of affairs BEFORE all of this happened wasn’t
healthy either.

People weren’t looking within themselves for answers, but to
some outer source to guide them, the government, their parent,
teacher, spouse, etc.

Maybe we are supposed to learn more about collaboration and
our inter-connectedness, rather than competition. Who knows?

Perhaps we are to learn more compassion…I suppose it will be
different for each person. A business acquaintance, Anne Gordon,
a dolphin and whale retreat leader, inspired me with this story.

Dolphins Don’t Run Away From Storms

Anne has personally seen this many times. When there is a storm
out at sea, the dolphins don’t freak out and run away from it. Instead,
they get even more excited and play and frolic in the storm.

I just love how Nature teaches us such profound lessons. There
are bound to be many more in the next year. I suspected 2020
was going to be a historic year like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

On 4/1/21, I predict that we will have much greater clarity about
WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. Our priorities will have shifted. We will
be doing business with more integrity. We will be treating each other
with more kindness and respect.

This Is A Wake Up Call To Humanity

Every single one of is important, worthy and lovable. I see this
pandemic as a wake up call to humanity. It’s a societal “pattern interrupt”
in mindset terms.

Welcome to April, April Fool’s Day to be exact. This was one of my
late daughter’s favorite holidays. She loved being the trickster. She
once covered my mom’s toilet lid with saran wrap! April is also her
birthday month. She would be 24 years old on 4/18.

When we experience a “smack in the head” by life as when I lost my
Maddie, it may feel much like what the world is going through now.
Maddie will have been gone 18 months on 4/26. It feels horrible in
the moment, but something good usually comes out of it if it doesn’t
kill our spirit or body first.

Chaos…Silence…Chaos So The Chrysalis Says

Scientists studied what happens inside of the chrysalis before it becomes
a butterfly. You might think that it would be all matter of chaos as it
prepares its way to becoming a butterfly. But instead it has spurts of
movement and agitation and then silence. Chaos…silence…chaos…
silence…then finally it makes its final journey into the butterfly.

Isn’t this how growth and transformation are? We experience big
shake ups (which is the growth) and then silence as we process and
absorb all that’s happening. The biggest explosions create the biggest
growth in our lives.

I’m sending you so much love and compassion right now for what
feels like a very significant and challenging time. This too shall pass.
You WILL be OK, and probably much better than that.

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Much Love,