Hello Friends,

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Being overweight and eating excess food (or restricting food) is really not about the food.
Please take a few minutes to honestly answer the following questions.

1) How long have you been over- or under-eating?
2) Who else in your family is overweight or severely restricts his/her food?
3) What happened the last time you reached your goal weight? (any specific event)?
4) What emotions are you trying to tranquilize or avoid with food by being stuffed or restricting?
5) What loss/emptiness are you trying to fill with extra food (or lack of)?
6) What would you focus on if you didn’t obsess about food anymore?
7) How would you spend your time if you didn’t eat compulsively anymore?
8) What is the downside of losing weight (or gaining if that is what you need)?
9) What is the upside of remaining overweight (or very thin)?
10) I would rather have this pain than to ____________________.
11)  I have to  _____________ in order to _______________ (be perfect in order to be loved), (have money in order to feel safe), (be independent and not rely on others in order to be okay), etc.

Our eating issues are related to various emotional themes, and until we can clear certain blocks, we will not be able to have emotional freedom around food.  For example, if I took away your favorite food forever, how would you feel:  deprived, abandoned, lost, lonely/empty, anxious, guilty, afraid or angry? Perhaps you’d feel a multitude of these emotions. You can tap on the various energy meridian tapping points.  The idea is that all negative emotions are created by a disruption in the body’s energy system.  You start by reciting a setup phrase that normally ends with “I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway:” “Even though I feel deeply deprived…and I’m insatiable, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I feel hurt about being abandoned…” “Even though I’m profoundly afraid of…..”
“Even though I can’t stop feeling angry…” Tapping helps to clear out disrupted energy.
By getting to the route cause or core issues of why you eat, and then tapping on it, you begin to move the body’s “stuck” energy.  After successfully tapping, when you think of things that might trigger you emotionally like childhood issues, traumas, phobias, fears, etc., you won’t respond in the same ineffective manner.  You will gain a new perspective on your core issue.  This seems miraculous, but this is how it works.  It often works where nothing else does because you get to the reason you feel deprived or abandoned or angry….and then you heal that part of you.

This is how I begin the process with someone who is ready to begin the healing process.  Just ask yourself if you’ve had enough pain and are ready to move forward.  How would it feel to be rid of emotions and body image issues that have held you back your entire life? It’s pretty empowering compared to how I lived my own life for about 33 years.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,