Take a second to fill your lungs with air, and let out a deep “aaaahh.” Do it again if you feel so called. Now I want to ask you something. If you could have your ideal life right this second, what would it look like? How would it feel? What images would you see? What would you taste on your tongue? Allow yourself to live out your wildest fantasies.

Now let me ask you another question: Why doesn’t your life look that way now? I’m sure you have a nice rebuttal for me at this point. “I don’t have enough money,” I’m overweight,” “It’s not the right time,” “It’s not in the cards for me”…I’m not buying it.

You see, I was actually asked this SAME exact question by Angie two weeks ago. And I had a wonderful rebuttal for her too (believe me). But, she argued every excuse I had (and for good reason). Basically it all comes down to one little concept: YOU are the creator of your own reality.

Awesome, now what? This is great news! It means you are the only one that’s stopping you. The blocks we create in our heads are simply illusions. Often times they can feel quite real, but it is important to snap out of it, and see your situation from a different viewpoint. I find it unfortunate that we all assume our time on Earth is unlimited. Sure, as souls, our time is unlimited, but this Earthly experience? Well, that has an expiration date. Cancer, car accidents, murder, heart attacks, natural occurrences…they all cut our time short here as human beings.

The truth is, our physical bodies will decompose whether we lived out our dreams and passions…or not. We tend to get so caught up in money, politics, and socially-accepted beliefs (you name it!), that we forget the whole point of being alive. No one cares how much money you had when you’re gone.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is how you felt, and how you made others feel…Maya Angelou told us that! I, myself, wish to live my life to the fullest and help show others that it is doable. Let’s go back to Angie challenging my beliefs. How did I react? Did I implement?

One of the top three characteristics of my ideal life was that my company, Fulfilling Fitness, be prosperous with all my ideal clients. I still worked for a gym instead of focusing full time on my in-home training business. I’m happy to report that I left the gym and now run my own business with my undivided attention (I’m 20 years old, by the way). Also, money wise I made about $600 a month up until THIS month. This month I made $2,180 with clients that I love to work with!

Why am I telling you this? Because your dreams are attainable, and you are deserving of everything
you want and more. So, think about what you’d be doing differently right now if you had your ideal life,
and work to make it happen!


Chelsea Dickinson