Does it feel like this combustible duo (menopause and
caregiving for your aging parents) is wreaking havoc on
your relationships and life?

The epiphany at the heart of a discussion I recently had with
3 of my wellness expert friends is that both of these rites of passage
are about losing something important to us, our youth and our

It’s the loss of our identities and can leave us feeling like we’re
on shaky ground, in unknown territory. Who are we becoming?
What life are we having to leave behind?

“When I was officially in full blown menopause, I was caring for my
dad who was dying from colon cancer,” said Mary, 62. “Losing my
youth and my dad at the same time sent me into a downhill spiral
depression for quite a few months.”

My friend Sally, 54, who is typically a funny, sunny personality
experienced menopause in her late 40s and was considered a
Sandwich Generation caregiver:

“I found myself angry with everyone and everything during that
period of my life. I hated my job and my boss’s inability to make
decisions. I hated my dad for smoking all his life, which I believe
gave him lung cancer. I hated my kids for being so noisy all the
time and I hated my husband for ignoring the overflowing kitchen
trash can every week of our 20-year marriage. It took me time to
realize my anger was over losing control of my younger self and
losing my dad.”

The average profile of a caregiver is a woman 48- to 49-years-old,
according to the National Alliance for Caregiving. Menopause
typically spans ages 45 to 55. Both life passages are relatively recent.

During the Roman Empire, the average person lived to 24; in 1900
it was 47. Not a lot of caregiving and menopause were happening in
those times. But today, the bonus of longevity in our modern era
includes these twin challenges for 50-something women.

Let’s look at some symptoms related to both menopause and
we cannot ignore:

  • Increased stress

  • Insomnia

  • Weight gain

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

According to Carolyn Dean, author of Menopause Naturally, the stress of
caregiving and menopause simultaneously is a “vicious cycle” that exacerbates
menopausal symptoms and can ultimately impact a caregiver’s overall health
and ability to care for their loved one.

This 90 minute online workshop will cover:

  • Overcoming the silence, social isolation and fear of the struggle

  • New proven approaches to transcend outdated methods of dealing with these issues

  • Holistic and natural solutions to pain and imbalances

  • Expert practices, tools and tips you can incorporate into your daily routine and
    not get lost in caregiving

  • Identifying emotional stress caused by menopause and caregiving

  • Self-Care musts

  • Preventing caregiver burnout

  • How to maintain good relationships with your spouse, kids and aging parents

  • What to do when the family dynamic is less than ideal

  • Strategies to keep sane and healthy during this life event

  • Why you feel the need to take over-responsibility, and more….

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Much love,

Angie Monko