When I was in school I recall at the end of my junior high career, all of my friends signed
my yearbook, and one common theme stands out in my mind.

Stay cool and don’t ever change!

As I started thinking about that and contemplating my life’s path I couldn’t help but wonder, have I taken that advice to heart and in effect been subconsciously conditioned to resist change?

You see, that was a particularly trying time in my life because my family was always in turmoil.

My oldest brother, 5 years my senior, moved out just prior to turning 16, and my middle brother was
in and out of juvenile detention.

As a result, I learned to be comfortable and not take chances so I could fit in, rather than have the courage
to take risks and apply myself.

In my estimation I have held myself back to avoid the fear that comes with failure and judgement!

Now, some 30 plus years later, I have these suppressed feelings which have NEVER been dealt with sufficiently.

So, my message to you is would you rather “stay cool”, fit in and remain “comfortable”, or do something
daring and excel?

Have you ever thought about what story from your past has shaped you?

What bucket list of things are you excited about yet afraid to pursue?  Rest assured you are not alone……………

Please share a dream you would like to see come true.

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