I just returned from back-to-back mindset/business growth retreats, with two amazing women, Monica Shah and Heather Dominick. It was six full days of intense inner work, with a couple of days off in between.

As I wrapped up one retreat in Atlanta with Steve (my husband and business partner), he drove me to the airport and I flew solo to St. Petersburg, FL for the next one.

This was a long time for this highly sensitive entrepreneur (label coined by Heather Dominick) to be gone from her safe haven called home.  But I survived!

The morning after I arrived in Florida, I got up to do my very long self-care routine, and in typical compulsive style, I found myself checking email first. My roommate had suggested I do my yoga rites out on the beach, which seemed like a great idea…

But how would I have a firm grip in sand to do yoga?  Wouldn’t I get sand all over me?

I ended up not knowing how to juggle making my green tea, drinking my daily cleanse, doing my yoga rites, showering, daily energy routine, etc. AND having quality time at the beach because I spent way too much time on the computer.

The result: I had about 15 minutes left to rush down to the beach and do some journaling. It was gorgeous but a bit stressful.

Fortunately I had a “take 2” opportunity the next day. This time I decided to not get on my electronics but instead go the beach first.  I had PLENTY of time to get everything done, and I did the yoga rites too, partially on a towel and partly on the sand. Easy breasy.

It was so peaceful and serene as I watched sky against the ocean, listened to the seagulls, and felt the cool sand between my toes.

One of my assignments (written on the last day of the retreats) was to write a letter to Fear, and then write one back from Love.  So I wanted to share with you what I wrote (un-edited) on 5/3/18, in the hopes you could relate and discover who you are (REALLY)…

By understanding yourself better, your life and business just flow so much better.

Dear Fear,

Wow! We’ve been friends a long time, haven’t we? Well at least familiar to each other. I wouldn’t have called you a friend, but maybe I’m ready to now. Why?

Because I know you have much to teach me. I’ve been a stubborn student.
What have you taught me?

1)  You are just a feeling, a movement of energy I’ve labeled FEAR.

2) I don’t need to avoid you anymore, but listen to you.

3) I can hide underneath you and not let joy, peace, prosperity, ease and grace near. Thank you for the shelter when I needed it.

4) I believed you could outwit me and have the upper hand, but I’ve learned you weren’t doing anything TO me. I am not a victim to you, and you aren’t my prosecutor. No one is, and so I needn’t avoid you.

5) I can simply FEEL you as part of my experience.

Thank you for making this human experience rich and varied and appear so real.

You come up a lot when I think of Maddie… (my 22 year old daughter with cystic fibrosis)  You and your buddy, SADNESS. The thought of losing her brings me to my knees. You convince me you are real at such times.

Thank you, FEAR, for being a great teacher and part of my life. Without you, I wouldn’t know LOVE.

Dear Angie,

You’ve been running away from me for a long time. Aren’t you tired? Why not slow down, relax and let me hold you? I am your Creator.

I know you believe I’ve abandoned you because of certain teachings, that you are a puppet and I’m living through you. Would it be so horrible if this were true (that I’m living through you)?

You are a unique creation of Infinite Consciousness. Life and you are meant to be a mystery of extraordinary Beauty. It’s time in your story for you to begin to allow and receive True Prosperity.

Angie has been through the fire, and it’s time now. Will you surrender to me? Of course you will, dear one, because it’s written this way.

Just because you know my “Secret” doesn’t make it less special, does it?

As far as Maddie, remember that she is MY creation too. She’s not in any true danger. Life is painful, and you will experience deep pain and loss as your journey continues, AND deep love and freedom.

It’s all part of your story. It is OK. Feel the feelings. Breathe. Love Maddie deeply and stop working so much. Stop trying to be so responsible for her.

You CAN handle whatever life brings you. Keep your heart open. Receive my LOVE and yes I do Love You. Love is a label just like Fear. Love, to me, is holding you in an experience With Me. We are One…


God (Love)

So who are you REALLY?

I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to understand that while in human form.

But as a human, you’re not better or worse than me.

I’ve learned some unique life lessons, and I want to share my experience, strength, and hope with you.

I believe I’ve been gifted with drawing the light from you, and then shining it back on you… so you can see how beautiful and unique you are.  No room for shame.

And although you have this experience of the Light and the Dark within you and around you, Who You Truly Are is 100% OK.

I invite you to become part of my movement to create a tribe of Worthy Self-Advocates. This is my term for someone who champions him or herself, who advocates for how life IS, fully embracing and loving ALL parts of who he or she is.

And THEN they can give back SO much more, creating a ripple effect of kindness, authenticity, and truly prosperous living.

The irony is that when you do this, all of those material things you want become yours…including the things you TRULY want, love, peace, joy and prosperity.

I invite you to attend a monthly workshop that I offer on the 2nd Thursday called Frontier to Your Freedom. The next one
is this Thursday, May 10th. Register here.

Your Freedom begins when you rise up, speak up, and show up for yourself! Is this your time?


Angie Monko

P.S.: If you want to join others in a safe, sacred space of healing, by loving, accepting and forgiving yourself so that you can create a profitable business AND happy life, come to this workshop