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I’ve been accused of being too woo-woo for some folks. And so if you define digging into our thoughts and feelings as woo-woo, then indeed I am! :)

BUT…if you are my tribe of the highly sensitive woman, you get me and woo-woo doesn’t offend or put you off in the least.

Today I want to talk about LOVE and the highly sensitive woman.

Who would you be without the thought that there isn’t enough love?  This may be an issue that you haven’t really delved into.

How would you know that this may be going on for you…well, have you ever been told that you wear your heart on your sleeve and that you’re too sensitive?

Do you tend to take things very personally when someone doesn’t respond to you?

If you’ve felt like there isn’t enough time or money, chances are that at the core of it is the belief that you aren’t lovable enough.

This is a story we highly sensitive and everyone at certain times tell themselves. We just happen to do it more often than the 80% who aren’t highly sensitive.

When I was a little girl, I felt ignored by my dad and mistreated on many levels.  My mind made this mean that I must not be very lovable if my own dad didn’t care to be with me.

It can be a very vulnerable place from which to live a life, run a business, or do anything. We are consistently feeling like others will let us down and that we can’t trust them.

So who would I be without the thought there isn’t enough love?

I’d be easier to be with, more relaxed. I’d be more confident and have less confrontations with my husband and daughter. I would trust the process of life.

I would trust me….and you.

Want to be part of a community of other highly sensitive people who is ready to see that you are LOVABLE enough right now?

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Angie Monko