Who do you need to forgive?

Forgiveness is one of the four spiritual laws of prosperity, according to Edwene Gaines, author of the book titled the same. Withholding forgiveness feels like being in chains, because we are truly giving our power away to another. When we hate or resent someone, THEY control US because we think about them too much, we replay in our mind how they wronged us, we have thoughts of revenge, etc.

Can you see how this is a prison? What is worse is that when you give your power to others by not forgiving them, this indicates that there is a part of you that hasn’t forgiven yourself. Most of the time it will be obvious if you have huge resentments towards someone. You may hate them, even shake at the thought of them. You may grit your teeth, squeeze your fists, etc. But sometimes it’s not as obvious.  In fact, you may believe you’ve forgiven them.

How do you know if you’ve not forgiven someone?  Well, you can just think of them and you feel a little “uneasy.” They may make small mistakes here and there, and you tend not to give them any slack.  Or when something goes wrong, you may tend to jump to the conclusion that “they” must be responsible.

If you suspect you need to forgive someone, especially yourself, then start today! Picture this person standing in front of you and say, “I lovingly release you from the bonds of my resentment and anger.  I’ve learned the lesson I need to learn.”  If you believe in past lives, you can add, “I declare that the contract we’ve entered into is now null and void and complete!”

Relationships give you a wonderful opportunity to learn something about yourself, that you wouldn’t ordinarily learn if all of the drama took place in your own head.  Make sense? So who do you need to forgive?  Ask yourself that as you go to sleep tonight.  I bet you any money there is at least one person, even if that one person is you!

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To Your Inner Peace,

Angie Monko