Life can feel like a tug of war at times, huh?  You have this committee in your head.  One “person” on the committee repeatedly says to do things that seem reasonable and intelligent, but then you have this other that sounds like a winy child, another like a severe critic, one who is easy and wants to let you off the hook, and so forth. Who exactly is in charge of you anyhow?  Well, the Truth is that YOU are in charge of you, your experience, your choices, your reality.

The Truth is that although you may feel like a victim, you aren’t.  You have to discipline your unruly parts by reminding them who is in charge. Here is an example.  If the Higher Self part of you (YOU) has determined that it would be in alignment with your intended life (meaning, the life you intended before you were born) to create a slim, svelte body, then stop resisting the guidance.  Let your Higher Self, God, Source or
Energy or whatever you want to call IT, guide you to eat and move the way you need to in order to give you this result. It’s okay to want an ideal body, earn a lot of money, have nice things, like a nice home, car, clothes, go on nice vacations.  Life is supposed to be fun for all of us.

So once you decide it’s alright to receive what it is you want, then you have to let all of your parts know YOU are in charge. When the sabotaging voices come, remind them, “Nope, we’re not going there!” and then reach for a better-feeling thought from where you are.  A lot of times people want to give up food as a crutch, but it is such a source of comfort and pleasure for them, it would be downright scary to do so. So you have to start seeing yourself the way Source does.  Be gentle on yourself when you make mistakes. Ask this Higher Self part of YOU for help.  When I was growing up, I felt like I needed to be in control to avoid the chaos of my abusive family life.  I felt alone and like I had to figure everything out. Maybe you feel the same way right now.  It’s not true!   It’s just not true!  You are never alone, and neither am I.

You have help 24/7 if you want it enough.  One thing is certain.  You have to include a Higher Source in this equation if you want true peace and happiness.  It’s a non-negotiable. So who is in charge of you anyhow?  Why not put your Higher Self in charge because It is a flawless manager.  Do an honest assessment of yourself.  Is your current way working for you well?  If not, what do you have to lose, except your ego may get a little bruised.

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Angie Monko