Persistence is the word for the day.  Are you persisting in what is most important to you?
Life is not easy no matter what anyone may say.  I’m trained in how to use the mind to get
what I want, and I will still tell you it’s not easy to change.

In order to move forward, we have to be committed to something greater than ourselves, a divine purpose or intent.  In order to overcome the tremendous pull of negativity, we must have a compelling reason or desire to move toward something more alluring than our painful past. In addition, we must kill the
self or inner critic, the part of us that tells us we are not worthy.  Kill the self?  Yes, relinquish
the 80% of our brain that is geared toward negativity and will pull us back there again and again.

So a key ingredient to self growth and evolution of the spirit is persistence.  Our natural default
(which means to fail) is to be negative and critical.  That is why change feels almost impossible
at times. So why persist?  How to relinquish the negativity?

I cannot tell you why to persist.  You have to figure that out for yourself.  I persist because it is my divine purpose to lead people back to their Intuitive Self/Guidance and to God (however they define this Infinite Intelligence). Even if I’m feeling blue, I know that all is well behind it all.  Truly…. To relinquish negativity, we have to grow up and take responsibility for everything.  Yuck!  It really gets to me at times.

Ask that Inner Guidance System for help.  God lives within us and works through us.  There is
no spot where God is not! If you’re being held captive to your inner critic, realize that your
inner critic cannot get you out of the mess that IT created.  Only your Inner Guidance System
or God can do that!  So call on this force for answers.

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Angie Monko