I heard two wonderful women speak today at a women’s networking event.

They shared from the heart and made themselves very vulnerable.  It was beautiful to witness because I rarely get to see that type of authenticity.

Women live in a lot of inner turmoil, especially in today’s society.

On the one hand,we are afraid to appear weak because we’ve been taught we need to be strong, much like men are expected to be.

On the other hand, we’re afraid to appear powerful and strong because others might judge us as being being too aggressive and masculine, not nurturing and feminine and caring enough.

It’s an identity conflict.  We fear speaking up and standing our ground.
What will “they” think of me?

Will they think I’m selfish, self-absorbed, self-serving and all about myself?
“They” are going to think that anyway.
Why not just show up as YOU?
Think about this.  How is standing on the sidelines of your life going to REALLY help you?  You deserve More!

If you’re plagued with anxiety and fear, there is a reason for it. Most likely you’re not being true to you
on some level, and not speaking up for what you believe counts.

Will you share you with me? It’s normal to feel unsafe and vulnerable, as you take off the mask, but what
price do you pay if you don’t?
Lost relationships, mediocre career, settled, numbed out existence, addictions, poor health….

Let’s work together so that doesn’t have to happen. Here’s to standing your ground and confidently going after what you want without feeling guilty & selfish!

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Taking a Stand with You,

Angie Monko