A Program for Intuitive Women Leaders to Get Deep Healing & Support to Expand Into Their Potential

Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions

Keep up the Momentum of Self-Discovery, Self-Love, and Healing

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What keeps you from your heartfelt desires and stops you from evolving into the best version of yourself?

It’s difficult to take the first steps towards healing.

It’s also wonderful — not everyone does that in this lifetime. 

Moving forward, do you have a game plan to keep up that momentum and to keep choosing your Sage response over your saboteur response?

Your saboteurs will try to “keep your hand on the hot stove.”

You’re going to go out into the world, and you’re going to be putting yourself out there more than you were before. 

This can trigger your inner wounding deeper than before, because now you’re aware. Whatsmore, people get uncomfortable when you change. They won’t always play nice  and treat you how you deserve — with respect.

This may cause you to question yourself and if it’s safe to be you in this world.

The sacrifice for letting saboteurs run your life is great. 

As you already know, the things that are the hardest to achieve and the scariest to go after are the ones that are the most rewarding.

That’s why this work is so life-changing.

Are you ready to stop feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand and start standing up for yourself and taking risks to go after your dreams?

Are you ready to start awakening to creativity, resourcefulness, and joy and to stop letting your past and harmful beliefs drive you? 

You deserve a life that’s not centered around the pain of your past, but around the joy of your present.

To conquer your saboteurs, you need to continue to heal the issues of your heart while building and exercising your mental muscles.

You’ve acknowledged and taken the first steps to conquer your saboteurs — I’m proud of you.

And, those steps are just the beginning. Like with any new habit, it takes time for them to become part of your identity.

Until you’ve consistently practiced healthy boundaries around what you want and don’t want, the habits of your heart and mind aren’t yet embedded enough or sticky enough to take root.

For them to take root, you need to trust yourself.

a woman of color sitting at her desk in front of a computer with her left hand to her chin smiling slightly as if she is thinking, trusting herself


To develop self-trust, you must first forgive your past choices. You must feel worthy and deserving of a new life. It’s almost like being reborn — seeing yourself through new eyes. 

You ARE loved, lovable, and loving, but your saboteurs have been keeping this truth hidden from you.

Why? Self-protection. But is it really safer? No… it’s the land of addiction, numbness, and mediocrity.

To continue taking steps towards expanding your potential and being true to YOU, you need to feel safe and supported.

But because the saboteurs, aka the EGO, are seductive and can hook you from an overwhelming amount of distraction, drama, chaos, and other subconscious triggers, it’s easy to backtrack and isolate.

That’s exactly why I’ve created a next step for you to receive ongoing support…until you build your heart resilience and mental strength.

Ongoing Support, Tools, and Guidance

I created this group program for unstoppable women to heal and embrace their life transitions, together.

So often, if we don’t have a solid foundation within ourselves before going through a transition, we can get mired in addictive behaviors and substances (food, alcohol, work, drugs, etc.) that convince us that we need that FIX to be OK.

But, it’s that very FIX that keeps us numb. It prevents us from truly living, from being present, and connecting with ourselves and others. It’s almost like we’re the living dead. You know what I mean — I know you do.

This is a safe space so you can get support and begin to heal your heart and rewire your habits and beliefs that keep you stuck in an automatic zombie state. 

If you believe change is possible (and it is), imagine what you could create with your life by stepping into the best version of yourself.

What would happen if you finally let go of your disempowering, destructive, and negative patterns and heal the issues of your heart that are embedded in ALL the cells of your body’s energy system?

What direction would your life go? What doors would you open?

A Judgment-Free Space to Be Yourself

You are your hero and rescuer — not me or anyone in the group. 

I provide tools, guidance, and support so you can feel held and safe to do REAL, DEEP healing work to shift your life forward.

woman with blonde hair sitting on a beach smiling - Harmony Harbor

What you get over 6 months:


Two monthly Loving Self-Advocate coaching sessions over Zoom or In Person

POC sitting cross legged on a chair with a coffee mug in hand looking out the window smiling - Harmony Harbor Coaching

Two monthly Loving Self-Advocate trainings done at your own pace

a person with long hair standing in a field with the sun cast over them while their ams are stretched outwards - Harmony Harbor Coaching

Training sessions that deep dive into the root of your struggles and provide permanent solutions to what ails you (no bandaids here)

POC with headphones on and their eyes closed - Harmony Harbor Coaching

Support from a loving community of women who are going through the same stuff

Group of middle age women gathered around each other, with their arms over each other's shoulders. Everyone is laughing and smiling.

A Few of the Transformations We Work Through, Together:


Discover what turns YOU on so that you're going after what REALLY matters to you


Trust that gut knowing and follow it


Stay authentically calm and collected and inspire others to follow you


Ground, harness and direct your energy


Protect your dreams through healthy boundaries, such as a customized self-care routine


Pivot away from people-pleasing patterns and distractions


Heal struggles with money, intimacy, anger, and frustration


Stop silencing your needs and wants

What would life look like for you if you transformed in this way?


Snuggling up to your lover on the couch, feeling close and connected

Calmly confronting someone you’ve been wanting to stand up to for a long time, from a place of strength and groundedness (Sage energy)

Feeling confident in your own skin, and trusting your choices come from a place of wisdom

Relaxing and being yourself without the mask, thus having optimal health and loads of energy

Finally getting that promotion and stepping into your highest potential in your career and/or business aspirations

Repairing your broken and dysfunctional relationships by changing your perspective

Trusting the process of life is supporting you, and allowing yourself to feel safely held and loved

Feeling unburdened from your past and the shame, guilt, and insecurity because you’ve forgiven yourself

Finding the confidence and courage to go after what you want

This is all possible with a group of strong, compassionate, and courageous women behind you. I see it happen regularly. And it will for you too.


It’s my truest desire for you to realize that you are NOT broken — you have everything you need to heal and go after your heartfelt desires.  Make your next chapter your happiest, most fulfilling one.  

Instead of judging others so critically, I  now step back and employ empathy towards others.

I did Mental Fitness for Intuitive Women Leaders group to improve my work and family
relationships. I wanted to re-connect on self-improvement and was referred by a friend.  Before
the program I felt like I was doing okay.  After the program I realized how much I didn’t know
about self-sabotage and truly recognizing behaviors that kept me in a loop of personal conflict. I
have not fully achieved my goal as it is a continuous work in progress, but it is leading me on a
much better path.


Instead of judging others so critically, I now step back and employ empathy towards others, get
curious about their frame of reference so that I don’t automatically react negatively. I really
loved reading/listening to the book, the PQ Gym exercises, and the daily focus exercises.
Having example stories to relate to and using visualization was impactful for me. I have chosen
to continue with the PQ App after the group coaching session ended.
I recommend reading Shirzad's book and if you want to learn a process to turn a negative
situation into a positive one, that you take this program.

Tammy Crooks

St. Louis, MO

I am learning to free myself to be happy, healed and stronger to reach my goals and dreams.”

I attended Angie’s Heal Your Heart Retreat and quickly realized that Angie’s 6-month program, Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions, was the next step in my own evolution as a woman business leader. I didn’t know how to connect the dots between my unconscious beliefs and my successes and failures and shift them in specific and powerful ways. 

As I learned about positive intelligence and how trauma is held in our bodies, I began to see why my successes and failings, in work, partnership, family and more, were inconsistent, unpredictable and seemed out of my control.

Being with other women leaders in the group has allowed me to let my hair down, safely explore my vulnerabilities, and learn specific tools and techniques to heal and grow, all in an atmosphere of encouragement and love. Together we learn to recognize and release barriers so we grow, develop and succeed. Most of all, we become free to be happy and at peace while remaining strong and influential.

I came to Angie, overworked, struggling with losses and setbacks, unsure how to find balance, healing and success in my personal and professional life. Because of the work of Harmony Harbor, I am learning to free myself to become happy, healed and stronger in reaching my goals and dreams.

The stories we share and the mutual healing work we do, enables each of us to see the power of the work and the value of the group. I have found a wise, experienced, and loving guide in Angie. She has invested years in learning how to support our growth and development and brings compassion and empathy to everyone she serves. As women rise at this time in our history, Angie and Harmony Harbor are needed for the birthing of our greatest potentials and in support of our much-needed contributions. I highly recommend the work of Angie Monko and Harmony Harbor coaching to any woman who wants wholeness, courage and support in the evolution of her mind, body, heart and soul.

Judy Ryan

St. Louis, MO


Woman with long brown hair sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of her. She has her arms crossed and is smiling

Are you ready to see WHO YOU BECOME on this journey of going for your dreams, so that at the end of your life, looking back, you can say, “I lived….I loved…. I laughed…. I served…. I have no regrets”? 

The investment for ongoing tools, support, and guidance for 6 months in my group coaching progam is $397/mo or one upfront payment of $2,200. 

My hope is that you believe it IS possible (and IT IS) to be the best version of you, the Loving Self-Advocate you— no matter what’s going on in your life.

My relationship with my husband is 100% better. It feels like we are a partnership again.

I joined the Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions group coaching program because I was working in a very stressful job that placed intense demands on me. My husband and I didn’t agree on a solution for how I could move out of that job and maintain financial security. I was also having potentially life-threatening health issues related to my asthma and pulmonary functioning. Time, money, and health were all worries that made finding a solution a challenge.


I chose Harmony Harbor Coaching because a trusted authority recommended it. Further, I wanted to work with someone who understood my experiences as a woman, employee, and wife. I wanted someone to meet me where I was and help me to see what I wasn’t seeing.


I wanted a supportive group environment with additional 1:1 coaching. The option to join the group in person or virtually also worked very well for me. And finally, having someone who truly understands (and has lived through) intense grief and the impact that has on the mind, body and soul was very important to me.


When I started the program, I was questioning myself, miserable in my job, and resentful of my boss and my husband. I felt discouraged because I thought that I’d have to either sacrifice myself or my marriage.


Angie as well as the other members of the group helped me to feel validated and led me to insights about what I really wanted and what was holding me back. Angie taught me techniques for calming my anxiety, going deeper into my feelings and experiences to get to the root of what was going on, and to then open up to solutions.


I have been to other sessions and retreats that focused on one or two strategies and modalities, but they never stuck. Having the full package of various healing modalities and the extended time of working together for 6 months contributed to the changes I’ve been able to make.


My relationship with my husband is 100% better. It feels like we are a partnership again.  The program helped me to figure out what I want and have the courage to ask for it with my career. I’m about to transition in two weeks into a consultant role and receive much-needed relief.  As my work life improves, I expect my health issues to as well, as my issues are related to stress and fatigue.


Sign up NOW! Angie is so open, supportive, accepting and loving in her work. The experience of doing this along with other women who have very different circumstances, but the same core issues, worries and needs absolutely increased the profound, positive impacts on my life.

Meg Monti

St. Louis, MO



When you sign up by Monday, July 3rd:

Receive a 2 hour VIP Private Coaching Experience with me to to jumpstart this program and get clarity on how to create that next beautiful chapter of your life ($500 value)


If this invitation aligns with your heart, I invite you to join now because I only open the doors to this program twice a year.

This program is open until








I’m really proud of myself for getting unstuck, taking actions and feeling more optimistic!

I have been moderately depressed ever since the pandemic. I had been isolating, and it was hard to put myself in social situations. But once I joined Angie’s 6 month women’s empowerment program, it has swept away the black clouds. Recognizing my saboteurs and that I don’t have to think that way has made a big difference. I find myself sharing the principle of the group and others seem as excited as me. I notice my saboteurs show up and now I have a simple practice to acclimate my mind towards the positive and minimize the negative messages in my brain. I’m really proud of myself for getting unstuck, taking actions and feeling more optimistic!

Not only does Angie create a space of love and support to facilitate personal accountability, but she utilizes several alternative healing methods to assist me in acknowledging and letting go of old feelings and replacing them with new, positive ones, like I AM enough.

Once I recognized my part in my emotional difficulties, I was able to use Angie’s combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the healing codes, hypnosis and Positive Intelligence to cultivate the mind-body connection which has helped me love myself and commence healing. I have recovered from the pain I felt when I started this process of self-discovery. My relationships with my family are better, and I don’t feel so alone anymore. I highly recommend Angie’s women’s program.

Cathy Kohn

St. Louis, MO

Readiness is EVERYTHING.

To be ready, you have to believe in three things:

(Blue Background) This program and its tools can help you transform your harmful habits and beliefs.
(Gold Background) - I can deliver the material in a way you’ll use.
(Pale Yellow background) - It IS possible to transform your life

Check in with your heart and see if it feels right for you.

If it does, I ask you to take a leap of faith. 

If it doesn’t, then trust that and that the timing and/or the process isn’t for you for whatever reason. 

And if you’re not ready, know that I love you. It’s OK. 

Keep taking the steps. Don’t remain stagnant on this journey.

I’m still here to support you.

If Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions resonates with you, join us!