Workshop Testimonials


The following are some testimonials about Our Workshops

“Amazing Seminar – I can’t stop thinking about all the details and information received last evening. Thank you for your gracious and kind spirits!  

– BJ Crabtree, St. Louis, MO


“The Frontier to Freedom is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to advance themselves with personal development. I believe you are worth any investment if you honestly want to grow, and Angie is the right way to make this investment. Her knowledge clearly shows at the workshop.”  

– Donna Burst, St. Louis


“The Frontier to Freedom class is very energizing and helps to retrain your energy pathways for better messages to yourself and healthier eating. I really enjoyed it.”

– Diane Keefe, St. Louis, MO

“I was impressed with the Frontier to Freedom workshop because it was so personally empowering, and Angie was so real and down to earth. She didn’t talk down to anyone, and that increased my trust. She showed a lot of vulnerability and personal honesty, which I really respected. Through the workshop, I was reminded about the goals, decisions and boundaries that I can so easily set in my business, but that I often ignore when dealing with my own personal needs. Angie promotes a type of personal empowerment that forces you to use the same type of personal honesty and vulnerability that she herself shows, in order to become less stressed personally and professionally. I highly recommend it!”

– Lysa Renovitch, St. Louis, MO


“I loved that Angie was very genuine and taught the information from her heart and personal experience. My main take-away is to make physical changes and set aside time for my emotional health. My time set aside for me right now is in front of the TV, and I want to create more health and balance.”

– Jennifer Stewart, St. Louis, MO


“I thought that the workshop was helpful.   I think Angie is extremely compassionate about her work, which sets her apart from others.  My main takeaway was that we are responsible for why we are overworked, overtired and burnt out.  We need to feel empowered and to learn how to fuel ourselves to make better decisions and respond to others in a way that communicates our boundaries and bottom lines.”

– Jennifer Stralka, St. Louis, MO


“I just participated in a class with Angie Monko and Lisa Rose. Having done so, my life’s perspective has been changed forever– for the better! They are unbelievably knowledgeable, selflessly generous, deeply convicted, honest, loving and amazingly positive people. It may sound like a cliché, but I truly think they have the insight on personal peace and happiness that goes beyond a depth that most are willing to offer. Do yourself a favor…try to spend some time with them. If you want it to and you’re ready, your life will change because you did!”Blessings….

– Jil Y. St. Louis, MO

“I work in a very stressful, demanding job which seemed to stress me out often. My past, unresolved conflict kept me from being the peaceful, productive person I’ve always wanted to be. After meeting Angie and participating in Emotional Freedom Technique a/k/a tapping or EFT classes, I noticed an instant change in my stress levels. I have been to many different psychologists and psychiatrists and never felt the positive shift that came about from a couple of sessions of tapping. I am now a calm, assured, productive person who can tap through issues and go forward in a very peaceful downstream manner. I feel so blessed to have had the privilege to have been taught by Angie.”

– Joan Decker, St. Louis, MO


“I really loved the class Angie and Lisa presented at Center for Spiritual Living. I was standing in line to check out and the candy bar was yelling for me but I started tapping using Emotional Freedom Technique, and by the time I was finished, I had no desire for the candy bar. I let it stay on the shelf for somebody else. Thanks for the opportunity to learn a new response!” Blessings, 

– Marigene DeRusha, St. Louis, MO