Slow down…..

How often do you give yourself time to slow down and not rush or multi-task?

Think of one of the best moments of your life.  Were you going at a frantic pace? My most cherished
moments are when I’m spontaneous and flow with life, am in the present moment with those I love.

My daughter, Maddie, very spontaneously invited me to go visit my Grandma (her great-Grandma)
and then go see the movie, Bad Moms on Monday.

My mind first went to, “But I just got done teaching a two weekend event, I’m finishing up an online
course tomorrow, and I’ve got to publish my newsletter, and on and on.” So I decided to go
anyway…and I was so happy I did!

Why don’t we slow down more often? Is it possible we’re afraid to slow down and FEEL what’s really
going on inside of us, FEEL the pain and discomfort that is always there… We think that worrying will stave
off pain and negative consequences, but it doesn’t.

You may be convinced (like I was) that that your thoughts are reliable and logical and that you should
trust your mind.  You’ll especially feel this way if you are smart and clear headed most of the time. 

Our EGO can be especially strong if we’re sharp. The saying, “too smart for my own britches,” comes to mind.

If we are brutally honest with ourselves, we will admit that our mind is a little (or a LOT) insane everyday.

Would you listen to someone who constantly cut you down or caused you to freeze in fear and anxiety
regularly?  Would you trust someone who relentlessly pelleted you with accusations and criticisms?

Isn’t that what your mind does, even if you have a relatively calm and clear day?  Most people won’t admit to their crazy, neurotic thoughts, but I will!

Imagine you’re in a good mood, out walking the dog. And someone passes you on the sidewalk in a bright red shirt. You arrive home with your pooch, feeling grumpy and out of sorts.  Your teenage son arrives about the same time, and for no clear reason, you just start going off on him about
how he needs to clean his room, etc. Then the guilt sets in.

Unbeknownst to you, the person in the red shirt triggered a memory back to a time when you were in 6th grade, and your teacher, wearing a similar red shirt, humiliated you because you didn’t know an answer to a question.

This stuff happens all of the time.  Makes you wonder if you REALLY have free will…if your subconscious typically bypasses your conscious desires due to a fear/flight or fight response.  Everything nowadays can set you off into a pain response in your mind.

To read more about this, see the article in the June issue of The Atlantic, “There’s No Such Thing as Free Will.”

What should you do about this? It’s necessary to heal the heart and clear painful images, so that you’re not always inundated with this fear response. This is how I typically work with others. BUT….what if there were an additional way to “catch” the stuff we can’t get to by changing the mind?

In other words, along the journey to remembering your true peaceful nature, you can simply ignore your mind. Just make an assumption that all the negative thoughts and emotions are just lies. Tell the mind to SHUT UP.

Your mind isn’t all that it’s “cracked up” to be. Pun intended.  Yes, I’m disrespecting the mind right now.

Have you ever considered that it could be playing mind games with you?  Why should you continue to pay attention to a sadistic, cruel slave master you can never please?

PS) Check out this video and comment.

To Your Transformation,

Angie Monko