Would you please help me out by thinking about
a certain person who would benefit from a webinar
that my business partner, Morgan Higdon, and I are
presenting on Thursday, 7/30 at 4pm CT?

It’s been hard to ask for help these last 21 months
since my daughter, Maddie, transitioned. But I feel
I need to, to learn to trust again. Thank you.

We are hosting a webinar called, “5 Step Process to
Ditch the Ex-Mormon Guilt.”

Morgan left the Mormon church about 2 years ago
now, and she felt very guilty and ashamed on many levels,
afraid to let her family down, to let God down, and to
break the church rules.

I want to make it clear that we’re not slamming this
religion or any religion or trying to convince anyone to
leave their church community…if they’re happy there.

This webinar is intended to provide relief for women
leaving a high demand religion, such as Mormonism,
Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, the No Name (2X2)
religion, and whatever religious organization that they deem
to be high demand, etc.

If you know someone who is struggling with this difficult
transition, please have them register here.

We are offering a Joint Venture Affiliate opportunity if
you’d like to learn more (receive $500 if someone you refer
joins our 6 month program, Women’s Empowerment Through
Difficult Life Transitions).

Reply back to this email and let’s talk. Thank you from
the bottom of our hearts.

To Your Freedom,

Angie & Morgan
Angie (314-422-6520)
Morgan (314-345-0418)

PS: I’m planting my first garden this year, and so I loved the image
of someone offering a neighbor some tomatoes, as a sign of