I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving!  I did have a nice holiday after returning from Vancouver on a business trip. It was a great workshop.  A few days later, my daughter, Maddie (15), ran a fever.  We took her to the hospital and they diagnosed her with pneumonia.  Because she has cystic fibrosis, they put her in the hospital for a week (she just got out today!) and on an IV for 14 days.  So my family gets to play nurse for
a week and administer her IV. At first I felt shaken by this since she’s never been admitted for being sick like this.

Then I wondered how I was going to keep all of my appointments if I was at the hospital all of the time.  How was I going to function if I slept on that little couch with nurses coming in at all times of the night? I had conflicting emotions because I wanted to be there for my daughter, but I also wanted to take care of myself.  I was also worried what others would think of me if I was there 24/7 for her. I stewed over this Friday night and Saturday.  I decided to sleep at home in my own bed, to keep my appointments,
to stay strong and believe in Maddie’s health instead of her sickness.  My husband, Steve, was recently laid off from a job, and so he had the flexibility in his schedule to help me out with the situation.  I asked Maddie what she needed from me, and she didn’t want me to stay all night with her.

Maddie preferred her space, and she said she was so happy that she had a Mom who didn’t worry over her constantly and who could go on with life as normal.  I was relieved that she felt this way.  I have taught her to be independent.  Next, I had to decide if I cared what people thought if I wasn’t there constantly.  I decided that it was more important that I be centered and happy than to please others.  Everything has worked out fine so far! Is it possible to be happy when your child is really sick, when your husband is laid off, when the holidays are demanding every bit of your energy, you’re running a full-time business,
and you have your brother-in-law living with you temporarily?  Yes it is!

I’m a little more anxious than normal, but I’m very grateful for my life and my lessons!

You can be too!

Happy Holidays!

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Angie Monko