I was telling a client the other day, “Visualize with emotion and it is yours.  You own it.” I realized I needed to take my own advice.  I actually had been doing this but perhaps not as much as I could have been. I could also say what you focus on grows.  It is the same thing.  If you are in fear of running out of money, you will attract more lack. It really is that simple.  Yet why are so many of us compelled to live in fear and worry? Because we focus on what is right in front of us.  We focus on what we call reality.

We have substantial proof of reality, do we not?  It is not what it appears to be.  Reality is pliable.  You can shape it with your thinking. As an example, my daughter wants to go to Paris this summer, to celebrate her high school graduation. For a while, this dream depressed me a bit, because I was thinking, “I REALLY
want to take our family to Paris, but it will be expensive.  And we have a lot of monthly bills, and my husband has been laid off for over a year, and I do not want to go in debt to go on vacation.”

So you can see how this thinking would not help matters.  Then I got smart.  I figured how much I needed to take us to Paris, and how much more money I would need to save each month to make it a go, and it seemed more feasible. Then I began reciting an affirmation daily, during my prayer and meditation time, AND feeling it. “I am having a wonderful time in Paris with my family!”  I began seeing all of us standing
at the base of the Eiffel Tower.  I am now looking at pictures of it.  It feels so much more exciting to ALLOW my well-being, rather than feel like “Poor me.  My choices in life are limited.” You can do the same thing.  Say things like: “I am feeling wonderful in my size 6 jeans!”

“I am forgiving all people in my life!” “I am having loving relationships with everyone!” “I am open to the possibility of allowing my well-being!” Caution.  Write an affirmation carefully.  Infuse it with emotion.  Write it to the level of where you are right now, but, at the same time, so that it pushes you out of your comfort zone.  Do not make it too scary, but do not make it too safe.  Make sense? Maybe you cannot say, “I am a six-figure employee or business owner!” and really believe it just yet.  But you can say, “I am open to the possibility of receiving $5,000 or more monthly.”  Your mind will accept increases in increments of 25%.

Once you attain the new level, add another 25%. No worries that it will take too long because after a year, if you do this daily, you could be earning 100% more than you are right now, if you figure a 25% increase each quarter. Focus with emotion and you own it.  You can have it if you can see it.

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Angie Monko