Welcome to the first edition of Your-Prosperity-Corner Newsletter!  This will be a monthly newsletter sent on the last day of each month.  Here is what you can expect with the February edition and beyond:

1) Prosperity article with specific tip to increase YOUR Prosperity/Set Intention for the following month.

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Work Hard Rest Hard (Featured Prosperity Article)

I do this daily workout called Metabolic Shock.  It’s 22 minutes of an intense workout that leaves you breathless and sweating, followed by 48 hours of fat burn.  The creator, Jade Teta, is always saying, “I want you to WORK hard, and I want you to take RESTS. You have to take RESTS because you don’t want to pace yourself.  I like it when you REST because I know you can push yourself that much harder.”

I believe that this is a metaphor for creating prosperity. In order to be very successful, we must be able to work hard and rest hard. Further, the strategy is just plain smart.  Jade has you work intensely for 22 minutes if you do this extra 5-minute fat-burning bonus, but afterwards, your body metabolizes fat for 48 hours while you REST hard.

I love efficiency!  I guess you could say I’m a pragmatist.  It seems almost too simple. I’d been used to doing 1 hour workouts, but now I only do 22 minutes 4 times per week.  I wish I could say I’m there with our business, BUT that is where we’re heading.  Our intention for February is to work hard and rest/play hard.

You may be saying, “But I already work crazy ridiculous hours, and I’m no further ahead!” But don’t you see that that is part of the problem?  If you don’t take time out to REST, go on vacation, take time outs, BE UNPRODUCTIVE AND WATCH YOUR FAVORITE TV PROGRAMS IF YOU WANT, play with your kids, etc., then you WILL Burn Out! Then you won’t be good for anyone.

One of my biggest lessons for the month of January (for the other two see my 99 day Prosperity blog) was to realize that I can give back in MANY ways, not just a limited two or three. My life doesn’t have to be rigidly structured where the main way I give back is by giving referrals to others.  I want to do that, but I refuse to put restrictive, perfectionist standards or rules on myself.

I’ve been pondering how I can give back in other ways, such as through giving free webinars to folks on various topics that THEY are interested in. And while I’m at it, I might as well use a medium that best suits my God-Given talents.  I’m great at creating on the fly. So I learned that I can do webinars with a picture cam, and not the fancy slide shows. This will save a lot of preparation time. This is brilliant for me, and I can still give a lot of value!

INTENTION TIP:  Set an intention to be focused while at work but then set aside time for play and relaxation and rest and fun. Since February is the month that celebrates LOVE, this would be a great start to practicing SELF-LOVE.

ACTION ITEM:  Calendar 15 minutes daily to breathe deeply and get quiet (if you’re the meditative type). I love Abraham’s Getting in the Vortex CD. Or if you like more activity, take 15 minutes daily to play, such as playing cards, dancing, laughing with friends, reading, whatever makes your heart sing! Better yet, DO BOTH IF YOU CAN!

Have a wonderful February!

To Your Transformation,

Angie Monko