Why do we strive so hard?

Let’s face it. We’ll never accomplish everything on our long to-do list, especially not in ONE day.  Why is it so difficult to stop what we’re doing midstream and just live?

Maybe it’s because we’re afraid to slow down and feel our feelings.  Maybe it’s because of the adrenalin rush of constantly being on the go.  Maybe it’s because it feeds the empty spot within us that tells us we’re not enough.  Whatever the reason, the “empty spot” never gets filled with activity or doing more.

The result?  We strive even harder.  We may even tell ourselves, “I’ve done everything!  I don’t know what else to do!”  I know this story all too well, as I’ve told myself these same “Rational Lies.”  My EGO delivers the message to me consistently every day.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of inner turmoil lately, anger and resentment.  I battle with the part within me that tells me my efforts aren’t good enough.  I’m not giving enough to others. I’m beginning to discover who I really am, and some days I don’t like that person. At first I didn’t know what to write about, because I’m feeling somewhat negative, and I thought, “I don’t want to spread THAT to the world!”  But hey, if you want to know the real ME, I feel negative on some days.  I judge others for not being further along.  I judge
ME mostly for not being further along. But then this little sane voice says, “You learned how to believe about money, your body, people, from the time you were little.  You didn’t request these beliefs. They were given to you, and you inadvertently accepted them.

So what you’re experiencing is not personal, and it doesn’t make you bad.  Your beliefs are not personal, and should therefore be no cause for shame.” This feels much more gentle to me, doesn’t it to you?  This is who I am.  I am a conscious entrepreneur.  I’ve decided I want to focus on helping entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves, authentically living with integrity.  The difference between a business owner and entrepreneur is attitude and mindset. There is nothing wrong with the business owner mindset. They might be very content doing a one-man show for the rest of their life.  The entrepreneur wants to find an easier way to leverage their time, create a system, that will allow them to make money and a big difference in the world, while they’re not personally working.

The entrepreneur that I want to attract is the CONSCIOUS entrepreneur.  I’ve noticed that entrepreneurs
typically push themselves very hard, striving for more, for better, always in search of their next goal.  I liken
it to them being on a hamster wheel or a roller coaster ride.  They don’t know how to slow down the ride,
let alone get off the ride and take that first step toward calmness. The CONSCIOUS entrepreneur, on the other hand, has one main difference.  They are AWARE of their situation. They realize life is passing them by very quickly, and that it’s more important to spend time with those they love, than to take the next business call. They may not be taking action to change it yet, but they know they want to change it.

Most entrepreneurs have a big EGO, and they don’t want to admit weakness. They don’t believe in whining
(chin up, toughen up).  “Work harder if things aren’t working out!  Don’t be lazy!  Don’t settle or make excuses. Be relentless!” they tell themselves. I admit that I have some of these characteristics and beliefs, and I’m now becoming aware of them. This is what I mean by not liking myself with these traits.  I want to create a new paradigm for these amazing, world-changing folks!

And although they are relentless in their pursuit of the next challenge and goal, and sometimes lose sight
of the power of the present moment, they have so much to offer.  They have the biggest hearts and most
wonderful, passionate intentions. I believe that if I can help them focus and funnel their energy, so that they can manage their stress and know it’s okay to slow down and calm down (this allows them to be MORE productive), they AND THE WORLD will be much better off!

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Your Consciousness Coach,

Angie Monko