Dear Friends,

Are you confusing your symptom (being overweight, smoking, physical pain, feeling stressed out, excessive gambling, unhealthy relationships, excessive spending, fears of any kind) as the true problem?  It’s not!  Your symptom is simply trying to get your attention so you can choose to do something different. I empower people to make healthy changes in their lives. One of the ways I do this is by teaching them to think and be consciously aware.  I’d like to share with you a little about how the mind works in the hopes of raising your awareness and giving you hope to improve your life.

Think of your Mind like a corporation.  There are different levels to it.  The President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is your Subconscious Mind, most of which you are not aware. It is the storehouse of all emotions and beliefs and experiences.  It does as directed (sometimes slowly and reluctantly it may seem), but it takes about 91 days to create new habits if you feed the mind consistently with new thoughts.  It holds 80-90% of your power. If you want to know what is in your Subconscious, look at your current results.

Your Conscious Mind is the Gatekeeper to your Subconscious, and so it would be wise to heed what you allow through the Gate.  Think of it as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Just like an accountant, it analyzes and judges (be careful of analysis paralysis) and assigns meaning to all events and experiences in your life.  It is the implementer and decides IF you take action, heavily influenced by how safe it feels.  It is the protector and if something doesn’t feel safe based on subconscious belief systems, you will not be
able to take prolonged action on ANY goal for very long.  It comprises 10%-20% of your power, often called will power or EGO.

The goal is for your CEO (Subconscious) and CFO (Conscious) to work together congruently. If they are at odds, you self-sabotage. If they are in agreement, you get the results you want! Here is an example of Sabotage:  You want to stop smoking (Conscious desire), but you have a Subconscious belief that you need to smoke to be sociable and likable. The Subconscious always wins!  So you keep smoking.  Here is an example of Congruence: You want to stop smoking (Conscious desire) and you believe it’s in your highest good to do so and that you are worth it (Subconscious belief). So you easily stop smoking.

Is it time to get off the Symptom Merry-Go-Round?  Each horse on the ride is symbolic of a Symptom, which are listed above, such as being overweight.  In our corporation analogy, the Symptom is a nagging, complaining, blaming employee.  They don’t have power  to influence much, but they do get our attention.  What are really driving the Symptoms are your Subconscious beliefs that you are not worthy, lovable or safe, conclusions drawn from your life experiences. The Not-So-Merry-Go-Round is a vicious cycle.  You think negative thoughts, which create negative emotions which give you poor results.  In this way, you create circumstances to “back up/support” your beliefs, thus proving them true.

Your negative beliefs (now validated) encourage more negative thoughts, and the cycle starts all over. Change your mind and assign a different meaning to these beliefs and begin to get different results!

Who would you consult if you were really ready to get your wanted results: the CEO/Powerful Subconscious, the CFO/ overly judgmental and analytical Conscious, or the nagging employee /Symptom? Actually the answer is all three.  Use the Symptom to become aware of what needs to change.  Then use hypnosis and/or emotional freedom technique to gain congruence between the Subconscious and Conscious Minds and get results that will last without using willpower!  Life becomes easy then and much more exciting!

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